Gig History 1993-1995
3rd Warminster Police House 'Little Touch of Harry' remastered
12th Exeter Cavern Club  
13th Bridgwater Arts Centre  
17th Cambridge Boatrace  
20th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
27th Gosport Olivers Bar  
13th Winchester Westgate Hotel  
2nd Stoke Wheatsheaf  
8th Bonn Bla Bla  
10th East Berlin Schockoladen  
11th Potsdam Fabrik  
12th Berlin KOB  
14th Göttingen Jugend Zentrum Juzi  
15th Nürnberg Kunstverein  
16th Rosenheim Lok Schuppen  
17th Wels Schlachthof  
18th Rosenheim Vetternwirtschaft Spontan
20th Schelklinen Stellwerk  
21st Donauwörth Gästätte Schellenberg  
22nd Lorrach Burghof  
23rd Ülm Betageuze  
24th Ludwigshafen Jugend Zentrum  
25th Remschingen Jugend Zentrum  
26th Mannheim Alte Wien Spontan
27th Zwiesel Jugend Zentrum  
28th Bochum Zwischenfall  
29th Wolfsburg Kaschpa  
30th Köln Rhenania  
1st Hamburg Flora  
2nd Bremen Buchtstraße  
6th Birmingham Pen and Wig  
7th Tamworth Arts Centre  
9th Stoke Newington Clissold Park Homeless Festival w/RDF & Back To The Planet
12th Oxford Jericho Tavern  
13th Leeds Duchess of York  
14th Middlesborough Arena  
15th Blyth Buffalo Community Centre w/Spartochronic & Jimmy Saville's Wheelchair
16th York Spotted Cow LUNCHTIME
21st Chelmsford Army and Navy  
22nd Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
24th Glasgow Arts School w/Spartochronic & Jimmy Saville's Wheelchair
25th Edinburgh Arts School w/Spartochronic & Jimmy Saville's Wheelchair
26th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
27th Sunderland Blueberries Hunt Sab Benefit
28th Lincoln Duke of Wellington  
30th Hull Adelphi  
12th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
16th Reading Purple Turtle  
17th Southampton Joiners Arms  
18th Southwick Barn Theatre w/Attila
19th Weymouth Marquee  
20th Dorchester Swan  
23rd Plymouth Cooperage  
26th Gosport Olivers Bar  
1st Ipswich Royal William  
2nd Harlow Square w/Bleed
3rd Salisbury Arts Centre  
5th Birmingham Coach and Horses  
6th Sheffield Hallamshire Hotel  
9th Ufford Old White Hart Ufford Ashes
11th York Fibbers w/Angels With Dirty Faces
19th Brixton Old White Horse w/Anorak Love Child
31st Gosport Festival  
2-13th Marylebone   'Pastor Skull' recorded
20th Berlin KOB  
21st Pforzheim Schlauch  
22nd Waidhofen an der Ybbs Grasberg Festival  
23rd Passau Ghetto Anti Fascist Benefit
24th Wittenweiler Wirtschaftswunder  
25th Bonn Bla Bla  
26th Nürnberg LGB  
27th Köln Rhenania  
28th Lübeck Alternative  
2nd Blackburn Borough Arms  
3rd Chelmsford Army and Navy  
4th Scunthorpe Queens Hotel  
5th Lincoln Duke of Wellington  
8th Bradford 1 in 12 Club w/Ye Fungus
10th Hawick No. 10  
11th Walsall Wheatsheaf w/Contempt
12th Derby Wherehouse  
13th York Fibbers  
17th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett St Pauli Benefit w/Attila
6th Leicester Princess Charlotte  
8th Blackhall Colliery Hardwick Hotel  
9th Newcastle Broken Doll  
10th Durham Rose Tree Hotel  
11th Stoke Wheatsheaf  
12th Ashton under Lyne Witchwood  
13th Stamford Hole in the Wall  
14th Falmouth Pirate Inn w/Attila
15th St Agnes Driftwood Spars w/Attila
16th Barnstaple Royal Standard w/Attila
17th Exeter Cavern Club w/Attila
18th Ashburton Lanterns w/Attila
19th Plymouth Cooperage w/Attila
20th Reading Purple Turtle  
21st Newport TJ's w/Cropdusters
22nd Bath Hat and Feather  
23rd Finsbury Park George Robey  
29th Yeovil Quicksilver Mail  
31st Dorchester Grove w/Attila
3rd Oxford Jericho Tavern  
4th Birmingham Edward's No. 8 w/Citizen Fish, Tofu Love Frogs, Ancient Ones, Ye Fungus & Wizards of Twiddly (Joseph meets Annie for the first time)
5th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett Raymond's Birthday w/Worry Dolls & Scarfo
6th Harlow Square  
2nd Whitechapel City of London Polytechnic  
18th Walsall Wheatsheaf w/Ye Fungus & Mad Hallibut
19th Swindon Monkey Club  
22nd Norwich Oval  
23rd Lincoln Duke of Wellington Bikers' Party
8th Gosport Olivers Bar  
9th Cambridge Boatrace  
10th Stoke Wheatsheaf w/Whisky Priests
11th Wigan Cricketers  
19th Hull Blue Lamp  
20th Derby Wherehouse  
21st Coventry General Wolfe w/DJF
22nd Banbury Wheatsheaf  
25th Birmingham Coach and Horses Hunt-Sab Benefit
26th Loughborough University CAMRA Beer Festival
27th Rugeley Red Rose Theatre  
28th Kidderminster Market Tavern  
29th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett w/Whisky Priests & Rainbyrds
10th Metelen Jugendtreff  
11th Lübeck Alternative  
13th Berlin Kob  
14th Zwiesel Jugend Cafe  
16th Nürnberg Komm  
17th Passau Ghetto  
18th Ülm Betageuze  
19th Pforzheim Schlauch  
20th Rosenheim Lok Schuppen  
21st Rohrenfels Musik Cafe Waldeslust  
10th Bracknell Arts Centre Cellar Bar  
12th Margate Jamaica Bar  
17th Sheffield Hallamshire Hotel  
18th Blackburn Star and Garter  
19th Lancaster Park Hotel  
20th York Fibbers  
23rd Southampton Joiners Arms  
24th Burton Arkwrights  
25th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett 10th ANNIVERSARY w/K Passa
26th Southwick Barn Theatre w/Attila & Rev Hammer
27th Shoreham Duke of Wellington  
31st Oxford Jericho Tavern  
1st Rugeley Red Rose Theatre  
2nd Bath Porter Butt  
5th Birmingham Edward's No. 8 w/Pressgang & New Cranes
6th Windsor Old Trout w/Pressgang
7th Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf  
8th Reading Royal Berkshire Hospital Club w/Pressgang
9th Swindon Monkey Club w/Pressgang
23rd Hull Adelphi LUNCHTIME w/Scavengers
23rd Scunthorpe Queens Hotel EVENING
24th Leicester Princess Charlotte  
25th Stoke Wheatsheaf w/Whisky Priests
28th Köln Live Musik Hall w/Whisky Priests
29th Bremen Kioto w/Whisky Priests
30th Essen Zeche Karl w/Whisky Priests
3rd Herford Kick w/Whisky Priests
4th Bodenteich Exil w/Whisky Priests
5th Halle Türm w/Whisky Priests
6th Potsdam Lindenpark w/Whisky Priests
7th Neuenburg Alte Turnhalle w/Whisky Priests
8th Stuttgart Schützenhaus w/Whisky Priests
9th Schelklinen Stellwerk  
10th Lienz Ummigummi w/Whisky Priests
11th Schwand Gasthaus Kirchenwirt w/Whisky Priests
12th Bludenz Villa K w/Whisky Priests
13th Deutschlandsberg Würstel w/Whisky Priests
14th Oslip Cselle Mühle w/Whisky Priests
16th Rosenheim Niebelung Bobo Carrington's Wedding
17th Linz Kapu w/Whisky Priests
18th Vienna Szene w/Whisky Priests
19th St Pölten Gasthaus Koll w/Whisky Priests
20th Galneukirchen Gasthaus Herzog w/Whisky Priests
21st Passau Festival w/Whisky Priests
24th Innsbruck Utopia w/Rev Hammer
25th München Backstage w/Whisky Priests
26th Frankfurt Negativ w/Whisky Priests
27th Dorsten Treffpunkt Aldstadt w/Whisky Priests
28th Hamburg Fabrik w/Whisky Priests
29th Lewes Firle Place Battlefield Civil War Society Festival
1st Falmouth Pirate Inn  
3rd Penzance Royal Exchange  
5th Exeter Cavern Club  
6th Ashburton Lanterns w/Tenpole Tudor
7th Plymouth Breakwater Inn  
10th Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
11th Bristol Fleece and Firkin w/K Passa
14th Newcastle Broken Doll  
15th Hull Blue Lamp  
17th Bradford Maguires  
18th Kidderminster Railway Bell w/Agent Orange
23rd Portsmouth Wedgwood Rooms w/Tansads
1st Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett w/Blind Mole Rat & Spithead
2nd Lincoln Golden Eagle Cider Festival
3rd Walsall Town Hall w/Credit to the Nation
7th Colchester Oliver Twist w/First Offence
19th Birmingham Pen and Wig w/Tansads
20th Wigan Mill at the Pier  
21st Aberdeen Cafe Drummond  
22nd Portree Gathering Hall  
24th Fort William Jacobite Lounge  
25th Leeds Duchess of York  
27th Waterfoot Club Royale  
28th Ufford Old White Hart Ufford Ashes w/Rainbyrds
29th New Cross Round the Bend Alan and Ally's Wedding
30th Ossett Brewers Pride  
5th Worcester Northwick Theatre Gary Nicklin temping on guitar w/Chumbawamba
(John joins playing with Wob)
13th Feldkirch Jagdberg Festival  
19th Stone Oasis w/7th Sign
20th Walsall Wheatsheaf w/Spithead
21st Bradford Maguires  
26th Chelmsford Army and Navy w/RDF
27th Göttingen Street Festival  
(John now playing alone)
1st Southampton Joiners Arms  
2nd Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett w/Maccabees
3rd Canterbury Penny Theatre w/Maccabees
8th Bremen Kioto w/Nelsons Wedding
9th Essen Zeche Carl w/Nelsons Wedding, Subway to Sally & Tapsy Turtles
10th Karlsruhe Irish House w/NW, StS & TT
11th Frankfurt Negativ w/NW, Sts& TT
12th München Tilt w/NW, Sts& TT
13th Nürnberg Komm w/NW, Sts& TT
15th Hamburg Logo w/NW, Sts& TT
16th Potsdam Lindenpark w/NW, Sts& TT
17th Hanover Bad w/Nelsons Wedding
18th Marburg KFZ w/NW, Sts& TT
27th Derby Wherehouse w/Doo the Moog
28th Buckley Tivolis w/Chumbawamba
29th Oxford Jericho Tavern w/Doo the Moog
30th Lincoln Golden Eagle Cider Festival
1st Gosport Olivers Bar  
4th Dudley JB's w/Chumbawamba
5th Egham University w/Chumbawamba
6th Birmingham Pen and Wig w/General Winter
7th Coventry General Wolfe  
8th Nottingham Old Angel  
9th Leicester Princess Charlotte  
10th Cambridge Boatrace w/Rainbyrds
11th Sheffield Hallamshire Hotel  
12th Sunderland Dexys Midnight Cafe Hunt-Sab Benefit w/Mutiny
14th Newcastle Broken Doll  
15th Stoke Wheatsheaf w/Yeah Jazz
21st Velden Konzert Keller Koffler  
22nd Ülm Büchsenstädel  
24th Salzburg Rockhaus  
25th Vienna Cafe Bach  
28th Mannersdorf Pfarrheim  
29th Allensteig Avalon  
3rd Brixton Old White Horse Raymond's Birthday w/Scarfo & Maccabees
6th Ashton under Lyne Station Inn Gary's Birthday Party
7-16th Newcastle Trinity Heights 'Paradise Razed' recorded
18th Bangor University - St Marys Hall  
19th Clynnog Fawr Coach Inn w/Spithead & General Winter
23rd Sheffield Hallamshire University w/Whisky Priests & Seven Little Sisters
24th Manchester O'Sheas w/Attila
25th Winchester Railway Tavern  
26th Chelmsford Y Club Hunt-Sab Benefit
27th Reading Purple Turtle  
30th Leeds Irish Centre w/Oyster Band & Annie di Franco
1st Finsbury Park George Robey w/Maccabees
7th Hull Blue Lamp  
8th York Fibbers  
9th Edinburgh Cas Rock  
10th Dunbar Lothian Hotel  
11th Stone Oasis  
15th Waterfoot Club Royale w/Blind Mole Rat
16th Spalding South Holland Centre w/Nick Watson
17th Swindon Monkey Club w/AOS3
18th Colchester Oliver Twist w/Rainbyrds
12th Bath Porter Butt  
13th Walsall Wheatsheaf  
14th Banbury Mill Arts Centre  
20th Fulham Swan  
21st Margate Lido w/John Forrester & Maccabees
23rd Camden Monarch w/Alians
24th Bridport Bull  
25th Exeter Cavern Club w/Moondragon
26th Falmouth Pirate Inn w/Moondragon
27th St Austell General Wolfe w/Moondragon
28th Ashburton Lanterns w/Moondragon
1st Kings Cross Water Rats  
2nd Stamford Anchor  
3rd Boston Axe and Cleaver w/Nick Watson
4th Blackburn Sir Charles Napier  
9th Winchester Railway Tavern  
10th Northampton Racehorse  
11th Nottingham Old Angel  
12th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
17th Portsmouth Doc's  
18th Goring Northbrooke Theatre w/Tofu Love Frogs with Chairman 'Pigwort' Meeow in attendance
23rd Stoke Wheatsheaf  
24th St Helens Citadel w/Attila
25th Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf  
2nd Harrogate Honest Lawyer  
3rd Sheffield Hallamshire Hotel w/Sleepy People
9th Oxford Elm Tree  
10th Shoreham Duke of Wellington  
11th Harlesden Mean Fiddler  
16th Bremen Schlachthof  
18th Frankfurt Aula der Fachhochscule w/Across the Border & Pressgang
19th Schwann Jugend Zentrum  
20th Babenhausen Stadthalle  
21st Schelklingen Stellwerk  
23rd Rohrenfels Musik Cafe Waldeslust  
24th Ülm Betageuze  
25th Allensteig Avalon  
26th Passau Ghetto  
27th Rosenheim Vetternwirtschaft  
28th Rankweil Vinomna Saal  
29th Kolbermoor Irish Pub  
30th Linz Posthof w/Whisky Priests & Frank Tovey
31st Vienna Szene w/Whisky Priests & Frank Tovey
1st Oslip Cselle Mühle w/Whisky Priests & Frank Tovey
5th Putney Half Moon  
6th Colchester Oliver Twist  
7th Norwich Arts Centre  
8th Bradford Maguires  
9th Ripon Royal Oak  
13th Bristol Fleece and Firkin  
14th Stone Oasis  
15th Camden Falcon  
19th Derby Wherehouse  
20th Worcester Stage  
21st Harlow Square 'Live in Harlow' filmed
28th Canterbury Penny Theatre w/Maccabees
29th Folkestone Bottoms  
30th Reading Purple Turtle w/Manic Mind Circus
4th Leeds Duchess of York  
5th Darlington Tap and Spile  
6th Blyth Steamboat  
7th Newcastle Arts Centre w/Sleepy People
12th Stoke Newington Weavers Arms  
13th Gosport Olivers  
15th Camden Monarch w/Whisky Priests
16th Northampton Racehorse  
19th Birmingham Jug of Ale w/General Winter
20th Southwick Barn Theatre w/Pressgang
24th Wolverhampton Slam  
25th York Fibbers  
27th Lancaster Park Hotel  
1st Cambridge Boatrace  
2nd Wigan Mill at the Pier  
9th Menai Bridge Victoria Hotel  
14th Brighton Richmond w/Barnstormer
16th Lincoln Golden Eagle  
24th Glastonbury Green Field Truck  
25th Glastonbury Golden Moon Cafe  
30th Chester Telfords Warehouse  
1st Winchester Railway Tavern  
2nd Bracknell Folk Festival w/Equation, Cuckooland, Wob and Maccabees
6th Yeovil Quicksilver Mail  
7th Bridgwater Arts Centre  
8th Gosport Olivers Bar  
12th Oxford Hobgoblin Richard's 'getting out' party w/Frei Zinger
13th Leicester Princess Charlotte  
14th Cinderford Festival  
15th Birmingham Acocks Green Curly's Do
21st Ufford Old White Hart Ufford Ashes
22nd Harrogate Harrogate Arms  
26th Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf  
27th Kings Cross Water Rats [Splash Club]  
28th Welwyn Garden City Ludwick Youth Club w/Astronauts
29th Hitchin Zone Club [Club 85] w/King Rizla
30th Hull Rainbow Festival LUNCHTIME
30th Colchester Oliver Twist EVENING
(Annie joins)
3rd Cardiff Gassy Jacks  
4th New Cross Venue w/Barnstormer
5th Brighton Free Festival LUNCHTIME w/Dharmas & Mark and Simon Leveller
5th Swindon Monkey Club EVENING
10th Ramsgate Cobblers  
12th Waidhofen an der Ybbs Grasberg Festival  
18th Achim Town Festival  
24th Peterborough Beer Festival  
25th Kidderminster Market Tavern  
26th Boston Axe & Cleaver  
31st Nottingham Sam Fays  
1st Stone Oasis  
3rd Reading Purple Turtle  
4th Camden Monarch w/Woundees (Worry Dolls)
5th Exeter Cavern Club  
6th Bristol Brew House  
7th Birmingham Red Lion  
8th Islington Garage Attila's 15 year anniversary w/Mark Thomas, TV Smith, Barnstormer & Steve Drewett
9th Reading Free Festival LUNCHTIME
9th Newton Abbot   EVENING Beer Festival
11th Worcester Horn and Trumpet  
12th Northampton Racehorse  
13th Hull Blue Lamp w/Scavengers
14th Pudsey Worlds End  
15th Penrith Salutation Hotel  
16th Lancaster Park Hotel  
17th Ripon Royal Oak  
21st Stoke Wheatsheaf w/Chew the Roots
22nd Bradford Maguires  
23rd Newcastle Arts Centre  
28th Harrogate Harrogate Arms w/Enamel Camel
30th Edinburgh Cas Rock  
1st Ripon Royal Oak LUNCHTIME
1st Ripon Royal Oak EVENING
4th Islington Garage w/Tin Pots & Woundees
5th Winchester Railway Tavern  
6th Bath Porter Butt w/Pain
7th Worksop Leisure Centre  
14th Blackhall Colliery Hardwick Hotel  
15th Colchester Oliver Twist  
18th Swindon Brunel Rooms Oxfam Benefit
31st Hull Collingham University Ed's Halloween Party
3rd Berlin Schockoladen  
4th Lübeck Alternative w/Lost T-shirts from Atlantis (Big Dave from Philadelphia)
5th Lüneburg Cafe Vamos  
10th Camden Monarch Raymond's Birthday w/Relatives (Steve Lake) & Maccabees
11th Banbury Mill Arts Centre  
12th Braintree Flacks  
17th Shedfield Vintage Inn  
18th Brighton Richmond w/Tampons
24th Ashburton Lanterns w/Citizen Fish
25th Hull Adelphi Giroscope Benefit w/Attila
26th Ripon Royal Oak  
30th Leeds Duchess of York w/Tony Baloney
1st Sheffield Morrisseys Riverside w/Tony Baloney
2nd Waterfoot Club Royale  
7th Glasgow Halt Bar  
8th Kirkaldy No. 68 w/Newtown Grunts
9th Harrogate Harrogate Arms w/Dog on a Rope
13th Oxford Hobgoblin  
14th Birmingham Mercat w/General Winter
15th Bristol Brew House w/Scavengers
16th Newport Ale House