The Blyth Power Ashes 2017

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Hello Everyone

We are delighted to confirm that The Blyth Power Ashes 2017 will take place on 25th - 28th August, and promises to be the most fabulous ever. We are very pleased to be returning to The Hunters Inn in Longdon, near Tewkesbury. The usual galaxy of stars, cricket action, and quaint pastoral pursuits will be supplemented this year by all manner of subversive activities, including another attempt by The Dear Leader to teach young people to play music, something that is frowned upon in a day and age in which art is something that was done by sacred cows thirty years ago, and has been replaced in the Nation’s hearts by a culture of ‘heritage’
Well we hate ‘heritage’. We rather embrace heresy, which is why when we dig up the bones of an old Blyth Power recording for ‘Ashes Monday’, we will do it with the style and panache of a bunch of tomb raiders rather than whiskered professors dusting off the sacred scrolls.

Currently the line up is Blyth Power, Pog, Boy in the Cupboard, Lying Scotsman, Bethan Prosser, The Lovely Brothers, Jammie Sammy, Commie Faggots, Alcohol Licks, Robin Lawley, Wob, Teq, The Antipoet, Michael James Parker, Refuse/All, On Trial UK, The Speech Painter, Radio KWG, Triggers Broom, Roots Quartet, Project Adorno, The Silver Fox, Verbal Warning, Monkish, Paul and Wendy Warning, Jerry Hellfire, Peaky Blinders, James Bar Bowen, The Disinclined, Fellow Travellers, Tim Holehouse, Doctor Bongo, Boatless Maniacs, Mick Tyas, Too Many Dragons, Fishwife's Broadside, Bangers 'n' Mash, The Sturdy Beggar and Johnny Campbell.

We are waiting for another act to fully confirm (a NEW act! Well, new to the Ashes at any rate) but at the moment the line up is full. Fastest yet I think!

We are saddened to hear Cracktown are calling it a day gigwise, but rest assured the matter of cricket opposition is well in hand, as for us here at Blyth HQ there is only one artist capable of stepping into Rat and Fox's collective boots. Rest assured you will not be disappointed...

This year of course saw Cracktown scoop The Ashes with a whole bucketful of underhand tricks, the losing of which we have decided to make an annual occurrence, as it means we no longer have to keep the dratted Ashes in our otherwise palatial abode...

There will be again be all kinds of events planned for the younger brethren among you, with Silver Fox and Bemps continuing to make Storytime an event if they remember and stay sober enough.

Tally Ho! will once more be keeping the less noticing among you abreast of daily happenings thanks to the tireless efforts of our journomonkeys in the back of the van.

Monday will see the return of the Blyth Power Summer Fete, with the much enjoyed tug of war and hopefully ever more unlikely stalls. Expect three legged races, egg and spoon, sack races and the like once again.

This year it is looking like Ashes Monday will feature The Guns of Castle Cary, after Hugo's completely fair and unrigged referendum on the subject.

As last year the pub will be open for food over the course of the weekend, and snacks will once again be available outside the marquee, together with real ales and ciders. The pub will be open Thursday evening as well and there is a growing band of early birds so do feel free to turn up then and join us.

Entertainment will again run through from Friday evening, throughout Saturday, Sunday and on into Monday. Do camp over until Tuesday. It will be bloody marvellous. As always bring as much firewood as possible for after hours singalongs please.

Anyone willing or eager to help out with door duties, sound duties, or crèche duties do please get in touch.

Ticket cost is £30 all inclusive for the weekend. Which we still happen to think is a pretty good deal for three1/2 nights and days of camping and entertainment. As always the event is free for under 18s.

Details of the venue can be found HERE and you can buy tickets through the Shop page.


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