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Hello Everyone

We are delighted to confirm that The Blyth Power Ashes 2015 will take place on 28th - 31st August, and promises to be the most fabulous ever. We have a shiny new venue, namely The Hunters Inn in Longdon, near Tewkesbury. The usual galaxy of stars, cricket action, and quaint pastoral pursuits will be supplemented this year by all manner of subversive activities, including another attempt by The Dear Leader to teach young people to play music, something that is frowned upon in a day and age in which art is something that was done by sacred cows thirty years ago, and has been replaced in the Nation’s hearts by a culture of ‘heritage’
Well we hate ‘heritage’. We rather embrace heresy, which is why when we dig up the bones of an old Blyth Power recording for ‘Ashes Monday’, we will do it with the style and panache of a bunch of tomb raiders rather than whiskered professors dusting off the sacred scrolls. This year it is ‘Pastor Skull’.
No, it’s not ‘Ant Music’, but it’s pretty much everything else. See you at Hunters for the best long weekend of the summer!

Monday sees the return of the great Blyth Power fete, so anyone wanting to do their own stall please please do!

We're awaiting final comfirmation on a couple of acts, but performers on the bill so far include: Blyth Power, Anal Beard, Pog, The Lovely Brothers, Boy in the Cupboard, James Bar Bowen, Alcohol Licks, Lying Scotsman, Doctor Bongo, Miss Maud's Folly, Folk the System, Cracktown, Black Kes, Curly, Fellow Travellers, Teq, The Anitpoet, Fishwife's Broadside, Refuse/All, Shanarchy, Jerry Hellfire, Mike Parker, Verbal Warning, Paul Warning, Norman Silver and the Gold, Blackcap, Jenny Lockyer & Matt Foster, Jammy Sammy, Project Adorno, Johnny Campbell, Gob Dylan, Rachel Pantechnicon, Monkish and Wob.

We have had a fantastic time staging the Ashes at The Plough these last four years, but due to uncertainty over the venue’s future we have had to move for 2015. Thanks to Colin and all the staff there. By all accounts they plan still to be open next year, but we have to book ahead and really had no option but to get plans in place for the event.

Adult ticket for Hunters Inn Blyth Power Ashes 28th - 31st August 2015 - £25

Details of the venue can be found HERE

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