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(Updated 22.9.14)

The Ashes

After another splendid Ashes we can confirm we are booked in at The Hunters Inn in Longdon, near Tewkesbury for next year. Dates are from Friday August 28th - Monday August 31st. Blyth will once again play an album in its entirety on Ashes Monday. Pastor Skull iswinning the vote for this year.

Tickets are now on sale for a measly £25
Downloads Available on Bandcamp

As part of an effort to enter the 20th Century before it recedes into the distance, the releases we still own the rights to are now available as downloads on Bandcamp. No longer do you have to wait months for Annie to remember to burn off a copy...

30th Anniversary Release

So. the long awaited new CD, Women and Horses and Power and War is out and about, almost a year to the day after launching the Kickstarter campaign. We really couldn't be happier with it, and hope you enjoy it too. Sorry about the delays with getting these out - we had the best part of 800 orders, and only one annie packing them up...
joseph is already well into the planning of the next CD, The Power Behind The Throne, and just as soon as finances permit we will be returning hotfoot to Trinity Heights, for our next appointment with Fred Purser.

ZomBN1 Game Release - Paul Stapleton

ZomBN1 is the blood splattered full game sequel to 2012's Brighton based board game BN1. It sees up to 5 survivors pitting their wits against the evil zombie player to secure the last seat out of the zombie infested hell that is now Brighton. Rescue survivors, trade with settlements, loot shops and create all kinds of merry hell in your path to salvation. Due for release at the end of October, Paul Pog is launching a pre-order campaign for ZomBN1 from the start of August, which will run through till the end of September. Anybody pre-ordering the game will get it for the early bird discount price of £25, and if you live in Brighton he'll pop the game round to you on his bike so there'll be no postage costs either. Otherwise it's a fiver to send one by mail. You can find the event page HERE or the Facebook group for the game HERE

Please note - this is a new full game, not an expansion for BN1.

Out and About

Of course with the brats now older, the band will be playing more, but Annie and Joseph are also travelling as Blyth Power Duo, playing semi-acoustic sets in smaller venues and clubs. It’s going down very well, and allows even more of the 130-odd songs in the Blyth Power canon to be heard live.

Europe 2016

This is looking forward a way, but in May 2016 we are playing in Artigat in Southern France. Anyone who would like to book us for gigs on the way down, or in Northern Spain around that time please do get in touch.