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(Updated 14.1.14)

30th Anniversary and Showcase Gig

30 years to the day from Blyth Power's first gig we are having a little celebration at the splendid Battersea Barge. This event is mostly for people who pledged for it on Kickstarter but we've been asked to do an event for them to keep in touch and for us to be able to post fresh details as and when they come up.
There *may* be a very few places left so anyone else wanting to come along do get in touch and we can let you know if anyone drops out. For those of you attending please do let us know if you can't come.


All is set fair for recording to begin on April 7th at Trinity Heights in Newcastle, with the very wonderful Fred Purser at the controls. Hurrah! For more details on the project please see the Kickstarter page.

Book News

The latest novel released by Mr Porter has been selling very well. Here's the blurb:

'When a disagreement with his headmaster causes him to lose all respect for authority, railway enthusiast Jack Trent courts controversy in his West Country village, falls foul of the local bootboys and plans a revenge campaign of pranks and practical jokes that spreads confusion among his enemies.
Mission accomplished, he finds his way to London town, where on the wider canvas of the city he exercises his talent for disruption, this time in the name of Anarchy, Peace and Freedom. Things get out of hand. People get hurt, and the circle moves on again to a new destination and another new beginning.

Now married, with three daughters, Jack looks back upon his misspent youth with neither regret nor affection, and it is in his acceptance of his past that we find the secret of his contentment. The cycle complete. The circle turned in full.'

It is available for £10
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The Ashes

After another splendid Ashes we can confirm we are once again booked in at The Plough for next year. Dates are from Friday August 22nd - Monday August 25th. Blyth will once again play an album in its entirety on Ashes Monday. So far it's looking like touch of Touch of Harry will win the vote, but there's still time for you to register your preference. See you all there!

Tickets are now on sale for a measly £25

Out and About

Of course with the brats now older, the band will be playing more, but Annie and Joseph are also travelling as Blyth Power Duo, playing semi-acoustic sets in smaller venues and clubs. It’s going down very well, and allows even more of the 130-odd songs in the Blyth Power canon to be heard live.