A dysfunctional family of performing buffoons, using their metaphorical whip of parody to deliver satirical melodic surrealism.
Imagine a deranged David Bowie with a punk attitude, singing numbers from a major musical devised by Stephen King and delivered with the venom of Alice Cooper. Got it? You're still well short of the mark.
Anal Beard: nearly as much fun as qualifying for your bus pass. The musical equivalent of fouling up the post office queue while you buy stamps for twenty assorted amenities.
Prepare for them to enrapture you by their magnificence. They may destroy you, but only in order to save you.
Stunning acapella female vocal harmonies, featuring Yvette Staelens who guested on the Paradise Razed CD.
A mixture of punk, folk, ska and indie. Sounds rather like Violent Femmes playing Belle and Sebastian songs.
Oh no! It's the site for Attila the Stockbroker. Details are available here for his band, Barnstormer, too. Who but Attila would dare to write wicked poems about Mr Porter's sleeping bag, and still turn up with a krummhorn in his hand? For vice, lechery and probably football check this space.
Aha! Wob. Former Blyth guitarist, now in pursuit of his own destiny, and a sensible haircut.
Hazel O'Connor was wrong. He didn't do all that stuff on the eighth day; He actually made Chris Butler instead.
Think Elvis Costello, The Jam and a whole lot more. With pop songs, real tunes and lyrics that mean something. Fronted by the most marvellous Mr Murray Torkildsen.
Fish Brothers gigs have little in common with your normal Phil Collins gigs. Fish Brothers main song subjects are alcohol and childish innuendo.
I don't believe you have to be an idiot to get somewhere these days. Mr Smith has been around even longer than us and looks more like Doctor Who every day. We are not worthy.