Gig History 1990-1992

18th Willesden Library Centre w/Attila
19th Brixton Old White Horse  
20th Uxbridge Brunel University w/Attila
21st Wood Green Trade Union Centre w/Attila
10th Ipswich Hangar  
12th Norwich Jacquard  
15th High Wycombe Morning Star  
16th Salisbury Arts Centre  
17th Oxford Co-op Hall w/Shelley's Children
18th Peterborough Gaslight Club  
21st Bristol Tropics [Kronstadt Klub]  
24th Bridgwater Arts Centre w/Sofa Head
25th Stockwell Old Queens Head w/Sofa Head
26th Harlow Square w/Sofa Head
27th Reading Trade Union Centre w/Sofa Head
28th Brighton Richmond w/Sofa Head
1st Southampton Joiners Arms w/Sofa Head
2nd Weymouth Waverley w/Sofa Head
3rd Finsbury Park George Robey w/Sofa Head
4th Birmingham Edward's No. 8 w/Sofa Head
6th Leicester Princess Charlotte  
7th Doncaster Toby Jug  
8th Leeds Bishops Gate  
9th Sunderland Casbah w/Sofa Head
10th Stockton Dovecote Arts Centre w/Sofa Head
11th Blyth Miners Welfare Centre w/Sofa Head & Crane
12th Huddersfield Wharf w/Sofa Head
13th Bradford 1 in 12 Club w/Sofa Head
14th York Spotted Cow w/Sofa Head
15th Hull Adelphi  
16th Darlington Arts Centre w/Sofa Head
17th Scunthorpe Queens Hotel w/Sofa Head
19th Edinburgh Arts College  
20th Glasgow Halt Bar  
21st Sheffield Take Two  
22nd Preston Caribbean Club  
23rd Hebden Bridge Trades Club  
24th Bletchley Countapoint w/Sofa Head
29th Winchester Railway Tavern  
30th Finsbury Park George Robey [Club Dog]  
31st Leamington Spa    
1st Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
6th Plymouth Cooperage  
14th Yeovil    
21st Bournemouth Pier Showbar  
23rd Reading Trade Union Club  
6th East Berlin Kunsthaus Tacheles  
7th East Berlin Kunsthaus Tacheles Spontan
9th East Berlin Jo-Jo Club  
11th East Berlin Franz Club  
16th Schwerberg Kanal  
18-19th Halle Horsch's House 'Castle Cary' demo recorded
20th Halle Turm w/Horsch
22nd Cottbus    
23rd Vienna Squat  
26th Porthmaddog Queens Hotel w/Shelley's Children & An Refhn
27th St Asaph Plough w/Shelley's Children & An Refhn
28th Bangor Football Club w/Shelley's Children & An Refhn
31st Tufnell Park Boston Arms [Dome]  
13th Falmouth Pirate Inn  
14th St Agnes Driftwood Spars  
3rd Wegeningen   w/Salad from Atlantis
4th Rotterdam   w/Salad from Atlantis
8th Dusseldorf AK47 w/Salad from Atlantis
9th Alborg Cafe 1000 Fryd w/Salad from Atlantis
10th Berlin Kob w/Salad from Atlantis
11th Hamburg Flora w/Salad from Atlantis
12th Lübeck Alternative w/Salad from Atlantis
16th Southampton Joiners Arms w/Shelley's Children
17th Dorchester Corn Exchange w/Shelley's Children & Wob
18th Sherbourne Woolmington Arms w/Shelley's Children
19th Birmingham Edward's No. 8 w/Leatherface & Identity
22nd Nutley Shelley's Arms w/Astronauts
23rd Manchester Southern Hotel w/Alan Seaman
24th Boston Indian Queen  
25th Derby Wherehouse  
26th Stoke Talbot Hotel w/Cowboy Killers
27th Huddersfield Wharf w/An Refhn & HDQ
28th Leeds Duchess of York  
29th Glasgow Halt Bar  
31st Portree Gathering Hall w/Skyliners
1st Tain    
2nd Kelty    
3rd Telford Lion Street Community Centre  
4th Islington Powerhaus w/Frank Tovey
6th Sunderland Casbah w/Salad from Atlantis
7th Preston Caribbean Club w/Salad from Atlantis
8th Lancaster Gregson Institute w/Salad from Atlantis
9th York Spotted Cow w/Salad from Atlantis
10th Middlesborough Empire w/Salad from Atlantis
11th Newcastle Broken Doll w/Salad from Atlantis
12th Doncaster Jug w/Salad from Atlantis
13th Bradford 1 in 12 Club w/Salad from Atlantis
14th Hull Adelphi w/Salad from Atlantis
15th Leamington Spa    
17th Oxford Co-op Hall  
18th Reading Trade Union Club w/Shelley's Children
19th Basingstoke Community Centre w/Shelley's Children & Johnsons
20th Winchester Railway Tavern w/Shelley's Children
21st Ipswich Hangar w/Bleach
22nd Harlow Square w/Shelley's Children
23rd Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
24th Reading Arts Centre w/Shelley's Children
25th New Cross Amersham Arms w/Shelley's Children & Daisy Chainsaw
26th Brighton Richmond w/Shelley's Children
(Darren & Wob join)
13th Ljubljana    
14th Murska Sobota    
15th Sarajevo    
16th Maribor    
17th Prevalje    
18th Triglav    
20th Olomouc    
21st Val-mez    
22nd Prague    
24th Dresden Jugend Zentrum  
25th Cottbus    
28th Magdeburg    
29th East Berlin Kunsthaus Tacheles  
30th Poznan    
1st Bydgoscz    
2nd Gryfino    
3rd Piwa    
15th Finsbury Park George Robey Raymond's Birthday
10-21st Clerkenwell Twilight Zone, Berry Street 'Guns of Castle Cary' recorded
27th Finsbury Park George Robey  
28th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
30th Harlow Square  
11th Hull Adelphi  
12th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
13th Darlington Arts Centre  
14th Peterborough Leisure Centre [Gaslight Club]  
16th Birmingham Edward's No. 8  
18th Galashiels    
19th Glasgow Halt Bar  
20th Kelty    
21st Blyth Steamboat  
22nd Middlesborough Empire  
23rd York Fibbers  
24th Leeds Duchess of York  
25th Norwich Jacquard  
26th Norwich Jacquard  
27th Oxford Jericho Tavern  
2nd Southampton Joiners Arms  
3rd Knights in the Bottom Victoria Inn  
4th Oxford Polytechnic  
9th Schweinfurt   w/Tupolev
10th Ehingen   w/Tupolev
11th Memmingen   w/Tupolev
12th Rosenheim Lok Schuppen w/Tupolev
15th Sindelfingen   w/Tupolev
16th Dortmund   w/Tupolev
17th Köln   w/Tupolev
18th Siegen   w/Tupolev
19th Wolfsburg Jugend Zentrum w/Tupolev
22nd Bielfeld   w/Tupolev
23rd Bonn   w/Tupolev
24th Gottingen Jugend Zentrum w/Tupolev
25th Berlin KOB w/Tupolev
29th Lübeck 'the wrong venue..' w/Tupolev
30th Hanover   w/Tupolev
1st Bremen 'the wrong venue..' w/Tupolev
4th Osnabruck Lagerhalle w/Tupolev
6th Hamburg Fabrik w/Tupolev
7th Duisburg   w/Tupolev
8th Dusseldorf AK47 w/Tupolev
9th Darmstadt   w/Tupolev
14th Finsbury Park George Robey [Club Dog]  
15th Brixton Old White Horse [Club Integral]  
16th Harlesden Mean Fiddler  
27th Winchester Railway Tavern  
28th Dorchester    
4th Stamford Wheatsheaf  
5th Lincoln Duke of Wellington w/Doctor Rat
6th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
10th Treorchy Working Men's Club  
11th Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach  
12th Bristol Bishopston Centre w/Shelley's Children
13th West Bromwich Town Hall w/RDF, Here and Now, David Allen & Poisoned Electric Head
17th Reading Purple Turtle  
7th Stoke Newington New Pegasus  
12th Sydney Wollongong University  
13th Sydney University Mannings Room  
16th Melbourne Ruzden College  
17th Melbourne University  
18th Geelong    
19th Melbourne Pier Hotel  
20th Melbourne Central Club Hotel  
22nd Melbourne Punters Club  
24th Sydney University LUNCHTIME
24th Sydney Feathers NiteClub EVENING
26th Newcastle University  
27th Canberra University  
28th Sydney Lansdowne Hotel  
4th Sydney Harold Park Hotel  
10th Sydney University of Technology  
11th Sydney Bridge Hotel  
15th Sydney Hopeton Hotel  
2nd Hoxton Village Raymond's Birthday with Nick Lacey guesting on guitar w/Suck on This
10th Hackney Empire w/Attila and Otway in 'Cheryl'
25th Whitechapel Central London Polytechnic  
4th Tring Cotton Club w/Pressgang
13th Oxford Jericho Tavern  
20th West Hampstead Moonlite Club w/Shark Taboo
11th Hoxton Village  
31st West Hampstead Moonlite Club  
6th Colchester Rising Sun  
7th Harlow Square  
8th Ipswich Waterfront  
18th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
21st Peterborough Leisure Centre [Gaslight Club]  
12th New Cross Amersham Arms w/Daisy Chainsaw
13th Winchester Railway Tavern  
18th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
19th Hull Adelphi  
20th Lincoln Duke of Wellington  
21st Hebden Bridge Trades Club  
27th West Hampstead Moonlite Club  
2nd Stoke Newington New Pegasus  
5th Harlesden Mean Fiddler  
28th Stratford Pigeon  
1st Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
4th Long Marsden Folk Festival  
6th Yeovil Gardens 'Do the One About the Horse' filmed w/Jamie, Attila & Rachel guesting
9th Islington Powerhaus  
25th Wivenhoe Festival  
29th West Hampstead Moonlite Club  
5th Berlin KOB  
7th Passau Ghetto  
10th Prague    
4th Finsbury Park George Robey  
8th Birmingham Hudson Bay  
9th Ufford Old White Hart Inaugural Ufford Ashes w/Brand New Land
10th Lincoln Duke of Wellington  
11th Scunthorpe Queens Hotel  
18th Oxford Jericho Tavern  
24th Colchester Rising Sun  
25th Norwich Waterfront  
29th Derby Wherehouse  
30th York Spotted Cow  
31st Blyth Buffalo Community Centre  
1st Darlington Arts Centre w/Sofa Head
2nd Newcastle Broken Doll w/Sofa Head
3rd Middlesborough Empire w/Sofa Head
5th Hull Adelphi  
6th Sunderland Ryhope Community Centre  
7th Hebden Bridge Trades Club  
8th Leeds Duchess of York  
20th West Hampstead Moonlite Club  
21st Dorchester Corn Exchange  
9th Harlesden Mean Fiddler  
10th Chesham Cotton Club  
11th Weymouth    
12th Great Bedwyn Village Hall Birthday Party
13th Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
18th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett  
22nd Tufnell Park Boston Arms [Dome]  
31st Islington Powerhaus  
6th Harlow Square  
8th Stevenage Bowes Lyon House  
11th Southampton Joiners Arms  
14th Stoke Newington Samuel Beckett Raymond's Birthday w/Zounds
16th Pontypridd University Hunt-Sab Benefit
18th Wolverhampton Lord Raglan  
24th Fulham Swan  
2nd Birmingham Coach and Horses  
3rd Stoke Talbot Hotel  
4th Hull Adelphi  
5th Leeds Duchess of York  
6th Durham Rose Tree Hotel  
7th Middlesborough Empire  
8th York Spotted Cow  
10th Middlesborough Studio 64 Crass Cover 'Reality Asylum' recorded LUNCHTIME
10th Newcastle Broken Doll EVENING
11th Bradford 1 in 12 Club  
12th Scunthorpe Queens Hotel  
14th Norwich Waterfront  
16th Reading Purple Turtle  
18th Winchester Railway Tavern  
20th Finsbury Park George Robey w/Remember The Rabbits