Gig History 1987-1989
(Protag, Siân and Steve join)
3rd Finsbury Park George Robey w/Hysteria Ward
28th Stevenage Bowes Lyon House w/Culture Shock
5th Brighton Richmond  
9th Weymouth Verdis w/Crowforce
10th Salisbury Fisherton Arms  
11th Bournemouth Rooftops w/Astronauts
30th Barrow in Furness Football Club w/Dan
1st Darlington Arts Centre w/Dan
7th Portobello Bay 63 w/We Are Going To Eat You & Thatcher on Acid
13th Poole Mr C's w/Crowforce
15th Bristol Tropics [Kronstadt Klub] w/Idiot Strength
16th Farnborough Leisure Centre w/Here and Now, Military Surplus & Blue Aeroplanes
21st Lancaster Sugarhouse  
24th Newcastle Riverside w/Dan
25th Nottingham Garage  
27th Hertford Polytechnic [Balls Park] w/We Are Going To Eat You
28th Finsbury Park George Robey w/Wat Tyler
29th Brighton Richmond w/Salad From Atlantis & Astronauts
2nd Oval Cricketers w/Paranoid Visions
3rd Leicester Princess Charlotte  
5th Bath Moles  
6th Dudley JB's  
7th Kentish Town Town & Country w/Soup Dragons, Cardiacs & Tallulah Gosh
11th Port Talbot Raffles  
13th Warwick University w/All About Eve
15th Leeds Adam & Eves  
16th Manchester Cloud 9  
18th Camden Camden Palace w/Jack Rubies
20th Birmingham Mermaid w/Thatcher on Acid
21st Tamworth Arts Centre w/Thatcher on Acid
26th Berlin Ex Club  
27th Hamburg Knopf Music Halle w/Thatcher on Acid
30th Mannheim Hard Rock Club w/Thatcher on Acid
1st Donauwörth Discothek Rush  
4th Berlin Kob  
8th Lake Windermere Glebe w/Dan & Hot and Horrid
11th Brentford Essex Arms  
13th Camden Dingwalls  
23rd Charing Cross Rd. Astoria  
24th Camden London Musicians Collective  
25th Westbourne Park Meanwhile Gardens w/Idiot Strength
14th Salisbury Arts Centre  
26th Dorchester Buzz w/We Are Going To Eat You
21st Camden Dingwalls w/We Are Going To Eat You
26th Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach w/An Refhn
9th Berlin Mensa w/Chumbawamba, Heresy & Poison Girls
31st Reading Paradise Club Rubella Ballet, Steve Lake & An Refhn
1st Stevenage Bowes Lyon House w/We Are Going To Eat You, Astronauts & TOA
6th Wood Green Club Dog w/We Are Going To Eat You & Eat Shit
14th Scunthorpe Queens Hotel w/Dan
18th Cardiff Rich Bitch Club w/Thatcher On Acid
24th Dorchester Buzz  
25th Glastonbury Assembly Rooms w/Culture Shock
26th Poole Mr C's  
27th Bath Arts Centre  
28th Birmingham Mermaid  
3rd Nottingham Mardi Gras w/Dan
5th Sherbourne Woolmington w/Thatcher On Acid
21st Reading Squatted Warehouse w/Idiot Strength, Vi Subversa & Steve Lake
16th Shrewsbury English Bridge Community Centre  
29th Camden Dingwalls w/Janice Long compering & Oyster Band
12-29th Old Street The Greenhouse 'The Barman and Other Stories' recorded
(Helen joins)
8th Greenwich Tunnel Club  
15th Vienna Szene  
16th Budapest    
17th Budapest Squat Spontan
21st Berlin Disco Klub  
22nd Coburg JZ  
23rd Lausanne Dolce Vita  
25th Cologne Rose Club w/An Refhn
26th Hamburg Kir  
27th Gelnhausen Casino  
28th Basel Kulturwerkstatt  
29th Augsburg Bootleg  
5th Salisbury Arts Centre  
6th Reading Paradise Club w/Pressgang (Joseph meets Jessi for the first time)
8th Brighton Escape Club  
11th Poole Mr C's w/Crowforce
13th Bristol Tropics  
14th Fulham Greyhound w/Dan & Flik Spatula
27th Great Yarmouth Hit Factory  
10th Leeds Duchess of York  
11th Liverpool    
12th Newcastle Riverside  
17th Hampton Court    
21st Norwich Jacquard w/New York Scum Haters & Nick Lake
2nd Portsmouth    
7th Doncaster Saracens Head  
8th Sheffield Take Two w/Enjoy
29th Liverpool    
30th Hull Adelphi  
30th Greenwich Tunnel Club  
13th Kentish Town Town & Country  
18th Paris New Morning Cafe  
22nd Bridgwater Arts Centre  
28th Oval Cricketers  
5th Whitechapel Central London Polytechnic Raymond's Birthday
11th Liege Cirque Divers  
12th Eeklo De Media  
18th Zug Jugend Zentrum  
19th Telfs Capote  
20th Innsbruck Jazz Cafe  
(Julie joins)
24th Brixton Canterbury Arms  
26th Telford Lion Street Community Centre  
3rd Oxford Co-op Hall  

7th Milton Keynes   w/The Abs & HDQ
8th Newcastle Riverside  
9th Darlington Arts Centre  
11th Newcastle Riverside  
12th Middlesborough Empire w/Shrug
17th Finsbury Park George Robey  
9th Southampton Joiners Arms w/The Levellers
12th Brighton Richmond  
23rd Shoreditch Chats Palace  
25th Finsbury Park George Robey  
24th Finsbury Park George Robey [Club Dog]  
31st Finsbury Park George Robey [Club Dog]  
12-13th Middlesborough Studio 64 'Alnwick and Tyne' demo recorded
13th Darlington Arts Centre w/Snuff
14th Lancaster Gregson Institute w/Maggot
29th Harlow Square w/Attila
19th Whitby    
20th Darlington Arts Centre  
21st Newcastle Riverside  
22nd Middlesborough Empire  
23rd Leeds Duchess of York  
24th Sheffield Take Two  
26th Blackburn Monkey Club w/Salad From Atlantis
5th Tufnell Park Boston Arms [Dome]  
8th Newbury Arts Centre  
9th Bracknell Folk Festival w/Martin Carthy
4-18th Clerkenwell Twilight Zone, Berry Street 'Alnwick and Tyne' recorded
1st Oval Cricketers w/Attila. Joseph on guitar, with Protag's drum machine filling in
4th Camden Labour Club Cable Street Beat Benefit w/Mensi & Indestructible Beat
5th Finsbury Park George Robey Raymond's Birthday