Rebel Angels

Taken by surprise by the sudden discovery on a second hand shelf of the paperback works of Mr Robertson Davies. Where had I been all his life?

Saint Sable black and silver has to Iron changed his name
Iron-bound the rebel angels bicker
That silver can be stolen and Iron can be tamed
Gold is not the only thing that glitters

I have come the long way round

For my saint I laid a table where I unbidden swore
His every word and every thought to follow
He laid it on in spadefulls until I was sick and sore
Now I'm not so sure what I can swallow

In resolution undismayed
I liked the lustre and the licence that it gave
So until I turned the final page
I was constant in collusion
And though Rome was burned in a day

For the faith to paint a rainbow where I envisioned Hell
For credit notes to pay back all I borrowed
For the strength to break the iron bars where I in prison fell
And laughter lines to turn aside my sorrows

Intro. C#m A F#m C#m A C#m C#m A F#m E
Verse A D A F#m e
Chorus A F#m D E D
Middle 8 F#m D E