To Horse And Away
'Dreams are nothing more than wishes, and a wish is just a dream you wish would come true.'

Hope and pity though her tender mercies hold
Every shining silver needle takes its toll
Rolls you restless into slumber as the power pain withdraws
Once the doctor knows the problem the doctor knows the cure
Intravenously injected into tired and knotted veins
Now a little touch of Harry dear will help to ease your pain

I remember well the message how it came
Over all the length of Europe flew her iron curtain calling
There were roses in my window box that day
Although from skies of grey and silver there were dirty raindrops falling
So as you lead them through the measures one last time
To all your stately efforts undermine
Tell me if my spiteful laughter sends an echo down the years
Here's a little touch of Harry that will help to dry your tears

When rumour speaks she'll open up her ears
For who can help but listen when his painted tongue is talking
She was sitting frozen faced and biting back the tears
While down the Horseguard's Avenue all Birnam Woods came walking
And though heavy lies the head that wears the crown
How much heavier the heart that lays it down
But if she seems unwilling in her anger and her shame
Here's a little touch of Harry that will make her think again

Now entertain conjecture if you dare
How all the little people saw the flashing knives surround you
There were some there vicious some were stupid some were scared
Some were choking back the laughter as your fortunes fell around you
Through eleven bitter years you had your say
Now your dust and ashes just the same
So if you're feeling tired and that all your effort's been in vain
Here's a little touch of Harry that will help to ease the strain
And if you're feeling sorry at the parting of the ways
Here's a little touch of Harry that will help you through the days

Intro. A E D
Verse A D E A