Sometimes I Wonder

'Solitary Astrid, don't do it, you will be so alone.'

We met at the airport at a quarter past four
North through the suburbs we rode
Andreas driving with Gudrun beside him
Took care to avoid the patrols
It was cold it was dark it was raining
Sparks from our cigarettes flared
The headlamps and beams of the oncoming streams
We met with amphetamine stares
Then Andreas looked behind him
To where Ulrike was sleeping and frowned
At the loneliness sadness and traces of madness
Etched in the lines on her brow
She looks tired he said and used to seem much younger

Then Andreas groped for his German soul
And talked of his childhood days
Of artists and cafes and Opel-gang wars
Of taking and driving away
He spoke to the parson's daughter
Of a father he couldn't recall
Who was blown by defeat to the ends of the east
On the wind of another man's war
He spoke of his mission of mercy
And in a vision not fully explained
Of his elders and betters of silenced Berettas
And Frankfurterallee in flames
Lord of the flies in his pre-stressed tower block jungle

Someone has stolen our thunder
Disarmed and abandoned headless we stumble and blunder
Through newspaper articles radio plays
Headlines and deadlines and posters on public display
Are these all illusions we're labouring under
Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder

Andreas passed to a German hell
Ulrike preceded him there
Gudrun has gone to the place she belongs
And I hope that the Devil's prepared
But I sat alone into uncertainty thrown
Stalked by the flies on the wall
Until anxious to please and as keen to appease
I was ready and willing to talk
To turn in my gun now and run with the hounds and the hunter

Intro. E D E
Verse A D E A D A F#m E
Middle 8 D E A E A D A E
Chorus E A