House Of Cards

'Four things better than all things are. Women and horses and power and war.' But what about trains???

When Graves came up from Charterhouse last May
I met him on the train and we hit it off straight away
We took a look round and made up our minds to stay
There with Cromwell's arms on the chapel house door engraved
There were motes on the river and dust on our decadent daze
Long nights en amour on the scaffolding planks emblazed

We'd roll home at dawn in mourning with our arms linked through
Beggared by the bottle and a thin white muse
With the Devil's spit and polish on our dancing shoes

Fourth floor rooms we shared and a chest full of colourless clothes
And though we worked on similar lines there were separate goals
Until we came by different paths to the same crossroads
Then finding clues between the lines of his letters and prose
And acrostics hanging on the spines of his lyrical poems
I learned to know him better than you might suppose

How much gold for your honour are you willing to take
Or am I tempting a serpent with apples and cakes
What our hands won't deliver then our hearts won't break

Four things better than all things are
In all things better much better by far
Than the sun and the wind and the shining stars
Your rivers of gold run deep and the currency's hard
But it won't pay the rent on your house of cards

To the long-cold Caradoc's hills now the birds have flown
On the westbound train all the crowd went quietly home
Slipping outside they left before the end of the show
Now the dust's long settled and the worms and the carrion crows
In deadlock struggle where the grass through the flagstones grows
And the parks and the lawns and the terraces are overthrown

When Heaven makes me an offer should I give it a chance
Adam came a cropper now they need a good man
Or will the Devil pay me better for my idle hands

Intro./Verse D Bm A G A
Chorus D F# G A