Gig History 2002-2004
(Steven joins)

1st Islington

Hope & Anchor w/Daddy Those Men Scare Me & Pysco Drama
2nd Bristol White Horse  
3rd Bridport Bull  
21st Derby Victoria Hotel w/Chris Butler & General Winter
22nd Boston Axe & Cleaver  
23rd Hitchin Club 85  
25th-12th March Newcastle Trinity Heights 'On The Viking Station' recorded
2nd London Guys Hospital Private Party
22nd Southampton Talking Heads  
11th Leeds The Grove  
14th Ashton The Witchwood w/Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken
24th Southwick The Schooner w/Silverleaf
2nd Birmingham The Hibernian w/General Winter
3rd Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf  
24th Kentish Town The Verge w/Barnstormer
25th Todmorden Scaitcliffe Hall Steve & Stella's Handfast
2nd Leeds New Roscoe  
16th Leamington Spa Peace Festival w/Fire Daze etc.
6th Hitchin Club 85 w/Flaming June & New Jacuzzi
7th York Fibbers w/Ryan Shirlow & The Bloody Marys
13th Tallington Whistle Stop w/Poke, Gob Dylan, Daddy Those Men Scare me, Steven Cooper, Chris Butler, Eastfield, General Winter, Rachel Pantechnicon, Rome Burns & Joseph Porter
19th St Agnes Driftwood Spars  
26th Derby Victoria Hotel w/Chris Butler
28th Kentish Town The Verge  
1st Southampton Talking Heads  
2nd Plymouth Cooperage w/Hacksaw, Dirty Sanchez & S-Punk 3
23rd Sheffield Boardwalk  
24th Hebden Bridge Trades Club  
25th Hull Adelphi  
29th Dorchester Old George  
30th Bristol White Horse  
31st Norton Sub Course The Old Baarn Billstock
26th Scarborough Murrays Music Bar w/Barnstormer
27th Hartlepool The Studio w/Barnstormer
28th Northallerton The Forum w/Barnstormer, Patience Agbabi & John Otway Big Band
29th Birmingham Old Railway w/Barnstormer
5th Leicester The Musician  
10th Leeds The Grove  
19th Lincoln Duke of Wellington w/Hudwynk
26th Kettering Village Hall Bambi & Trina's Wedding
10th Bridlington The Loop  
11th Leeds New Roscoe  
15th Doncaster The Leopard  
21st Kentish Town The Verge w/Daddy Those Men Scare Me & Giga-Ø
5th Norwich Ferryboat Inn  
13th Hitchin Club 85 w/Astronauts & The Sellouts
18th Sheffield The Boardwalk w/Poke
19th Derby The Victoria w/Eastfield & Chris Butler
10th Southampton Talking Heads  
2nd Sheffield The Boardwalk w/John Otway's Big Band
7th Matlock Bath The Fishpond  
8th Leicester The Musician w/Wob
21st Blackburn North Bar w/Pike
22nd Hull Moriartys w/Ten Men
23rd Ashton The Witchwood w/TLBITW & Dresden North End
27th Scunthorpe The Crosby  
28th Newcastle Tut & Shive  
1st Lincoln Duke of Wellington  w/The Squirrel Hunters
2nd Leeds New Roscoe  
4th Derby Victoria w/Eastfield & Chris Butler
5th Hitchin Club 85 w/Men-a-tol Project & Synthestasia
12th Seaton St Clares  
18th Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf  
19th Taunton The Westgate  
20th Birmingham  The Old Railway w/Chris Butler
23rd-26th Reading Reading College of Music 'Castle Cary Revisited' recorded
26th Reading Rising Sun w/The Selinium Pool & Mike Halliwell
2nd Thurlby The Horseshoe w/Eastfield
3rd Rochester The Crown Sweeps Festival LUNCHTIME
3rd Rochester The Eagle Sweeps Festival EVENING
8th Dorchester Old George  
9th  St Agnes Driftwood Spars  
10th Boldre Working Mens Club  
29th Underwood Sandhills Tavern  
30th Shoreham Airport Bar Glastonwake Beer Festival w/Barnstormer, Geoff Berner & Random Negative
31st Hartlepool The Studio  
1st Bradford Love Apple  
13th Doncaster
Exhibition Centre Doncaster Race Course
CAMRA Beer Festival
14th Llangollen Sun Inn  
20th Harlow The Square w/The Sellouts & Bughouse
21st Norwich Ferryboat Inn w/The New York Scumhaters
19th Sheffield Boardwalk  
26th Tallington Whistle Stop w/Wob, Daddy Those Men Scare Me, Rome Burns, General Winter, Rachel Pantechicon, Chris Butler & Eastfield
1st Hackney Chats Palace w/Fish Brothers
22nd Motherwell Cherry Tree w/Eastfield
23rd Kyleakin King Haarkon Bar w/Eastfield
24th Newcastle Chillingham w/Eastfield & New York Scum Haters
25th Leeds New Roscoe w/Eastfield & Nowhere Man
29th Worcester Apple Tree  
30th Llangollen Sun Inn  
20th Otley Civic Hall FOLK FESTIVAL
17th Geneva L'Usine Rude Boys Unity Festival Antiracists w/Lots and lots of Skinheads
18th Ülm Betegeuze w/Sassafrass
19th Rosenheim Vetternwirtschaft w/Never Mondays
21st Mannheim Old Vienna  
23rd Münster Triptychon w/Barnstormer & Muckyfuck
24th Berlin Schokoladen  
25th Chemnitz ZV Bunker  
7th Brentford Stripes Football Club w/Random Negative, Blaggers AKA & Barnstormer
8th Shoreham Airport Bar w/Random Negative, Stage Bottles, Andy Baron and The Believers & The Neurotics
9th Brighton The Concorde w/John Otway, Check My Wage, Random Negative, Stage Bottles, Barnstormer, TV Smith, Robb Johnson, Fish Brothers, Newtown Neurotics, Andy Baron and The Belivers, Abdoujaparov, Jim Bob & Blaggers AKA
14th Leicester Musician  
15th Llangollen Sun Inn  
21st Hebden Bridge Trades Club  
22nd Cockermouth Kirkgate Arts Centre  
13th Hitchin Club 85 w/Mark Astronaut
18th Norwich Ferryboat w/New York Scum Haters
19th Cambridge Rock w/New York Scum Haters
20th Ipswich Drum & Monkey w/New York Scum Haters, The Exiles & They Fight Crime
30th Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf  
1st Rochester The Crown Sweeps Festival LUNCHTIME
1st Rochester The Eagle Sweeps Festival EVENING
18th Sheffield Boardwalk Neil & Chelle's Wedding w/Eastfield, Wob & Fish Brothers
19th Nottingham University Heike & Dave's Wedding
20th Bridlington Loop  
3rd Lewes Snowdrop  
10th Leicester Musician  
7th Tallington Whistle Stop Spud temping on bass guitar w/Wob, Jack, Deep Fur, Jeeves, Chris Butler , Red Wedding, Henry Lawrence, Matt Foster and Nick Halliwell & Eastfield
8th Tallington Whistle Stop Jerry temping on bass guitar w/Eastfield, Pog & Anal Beard
13th Derby Victoria Spud temping on bass guitar w/Chris Butler & Eastfield
(Jerry joins)
17th Horncastle Town Hall Nigel's Party
18th Lincoln Duke of Wellington w/New York Scum Haters
20th Leeds New Roscoe