Red Wedding


In The Wilderness

Rather presumptuously we set Robert Graves' poem to music
And added a chorus

Christ of his gentleness thirsting and hungering walked in the wilderness
Soft words of grace he spoke to lost desert folk who listened wondering
He heard the bittern call from ruined palace wall answered him brotherly
He held communion with the she-pelican of lonely piety

Basilisk and cockatrice flocked to his homilies
With mail of dread device with monstrous barbed stings and eager dragon's eyes
Great bats on leather wings and poor blind crawling things foul in their misery
And ever with him went of all his wandering
Comrade with ragged coat gaunt-ribbed poor innocent
Bleeding foot burning throat the guileless old scapegoat
Forty nights and days followed in Jesus' ways
Sure guard behind him kept
Tears like a lover wept

When the dead leaves fall from the trees
You'll have to take a new broom and sweep the path clean
I don't believe that miracles will happen to me
But you must have been a mad man to wander in the wilderness Lord
It must have been hard