Red Wedding


To Market Today

I have a fat quivering cadaver, just ready and waiting for you to work your wicked way. Can you guess what is in it today?

From Alford to Lydford and down the Fossway
There's many a man come to market today
With a purse in his pocket good money to pay
When he's witless with whisky and wine for the wagers he's laid

Down by the Horsepond in the centre of town
The bearpit's awaiting they've readied the hounds
And tethered the bear to a stake in the ground
It's the best sport of all when there's plenty of blood to go round

Herr Major Herr Mitterand Reichchancellor Kohl
How many now cry for the Soviet soul
Sing hurrah for the Czechs the East Germans and the Poles
Whose gallant resistance has opened the goal
To our sterling South African silver and American gold
From the seeds of disaster our brothers now legion will grow
'Til the land that lay fallow with Deutchmarks and Dollars is sown

What sport could be finer what mettle so rare
It's better than gamecocks or coursing for Hare
There's no ten men amongst us a match for the bear
But so long as he's crippled and blinded we're none of us scared

We've money to gamble we've money to hand
We've money whatever occasion demands
There's some money aside for the revenue man
And there's money for freehold and franchise there's money for land

When it was over the terror and pain
The frontiers had fallen the giant was slain
Then all the new men came to profit and gain
There's quality carcass come onto the market today
We'll brush first the flies from the blood-sodden entrails away
Then we'll all push together 'til nothing worth screwing remains