Red Wedding


Song Of The Patch And The Coat

Bertolt Brecht meets Lily Marlene... underneath the table
Lying on the floor

Underneath the table lying on the floor
Are the crumbs of yesterday and soon there won't be many more
Your soup has turned to water stale your bread
The rats have fled because they don't get fed

Hanging on the coat hook over by the door
Are shapeless greasy rags which many years before
Performed the solemn duty of scar and coat
To grace your back and warm your throat

But what can you do though things are rough
Your answers add up to a solution which isn't good enough
What can you do to make things change
Or will it always be the same
Will it always be the same

Maybe once there was a time that work could pull you through
You'd supplement your income with an extra shift or two
But now you're getting older and now your age
Far outweighs the paltry wage

Like a winter crow that can no longer feed your brood
The stuff you give them now can only masquerade as food
Once they did you credit now it's a sin
Their cheeks sunk in they're painfully thin