Red Wedding


Enemy Within

Oh little revolution in great shades

They said the lady's not for turning but the history books will see
How she sold us down the river to the haulage companies
Left us with a legacy of gasoline and tar
And ever decreasing circles filled with evermore motor cars
On a network of confusion so Britons true and brave
Let's look forward to the day we see her turning in her grave

Blame the railway unions that led us up the creek
They should have taken their redundancies and turned the other cheek
To each successive British government that set itself a goal
Of a national dependency on oil instead of coal
Now they've fragmentised the system and there's nothing you can do
If you want to get off at Birmingham you'll have to change at Crewe

When the self-styled people's lobby brought the country to a stand
We should have blown them to oblivion with cluster bombs and tanks
They were ranting in the papers and with junior points of view
There were yokels using mobiles on the television news
But the ministry caved in before their puny show of force
And the end result's a traffic jam from Hatfield to the North

Wind them up and watch them go
Scatter and blind them stab them from behind and cast them on the dole
Plough their fields with salt and intercept their telephones
Obstruction corruption arrogance and greed
That's our noblest creed
All around us the silver sea
That protects us and defends us from the enemies of the free
You can sink or you can swim
But there's not much you can do about the evermore terrible enemy from within