Winter's Tale
At indiscreet laughter from the gallery we exit stage left pursued by a bear.

Dead letters and mysteries
Are piled high on the floor
They fill up the tables and line the walls
Biographical histories
Don't fill me with awe
Philosopher's words just puzzle and bore
And I don't have time to read them all

Of the great heroes of fiction
I have nothing to say
That as paragons strut from page to page
Through great graphic descriptions
Of love and terror and pain
To ride home as victors forever the same
But I never read to the story's end

When the camera lies and the colours are wrong
Tragedy brings out the gallery's laughter
The Minster bells ringing all night long
Hammer it home
I'm left with the swish of the leaves and the wind in the rafters
The winter's tale untold

Beneath Sistine ceilings
Scratching out in the clay
Long working nights make for sleepless days
Paint splatters congealing
Round the brush in my hand
And won't follow the pencilled lines as planned
It won't make the walls of Jericho stand

Intro./Verse (E) E A C#m B
Chorus E A (C#m B)