Stitching In Time

Beware of gifts bearing Greeks, and you never know who's going to be inside the horse after all these years.

On a fly-speckled summer's eve
In the tenth long year of the siege
To the campfire gathered round we took our ease
And there were songs from better days
Back-slapping and glasses raised
The same old worn out stories told of the odysseys
Of Achilles and of Heracles

Then Eohippus outlined a plan
For such a bold design and grand
That it seemed like a miracle or a masquerade
With a hand picked volunteer force
In a giant sized wooden horse
Through the gates of the yellow-walled city we'd find a way
It was a wild card to play

Great silence then replied
To the mocking seabird's cry
It seemed like time stood still for a minute then
As the zephyrs swished in the sand around
Until someone groaned aloud
And the thin veneer of our gay camaraderie slipped away
What could we say?

I remember when I was young
Each swift sure javelin flung
Could take me right to the heart of the matter then
But now I'm older I'm not so sure
I've grown used to the pace of the war
And the flesh that was muscle once has grown hard to squeeze
Into breastplates and greaves

In story now and song
Scamander flows along
Though the walls of the siegebound city have fallen down
And though our arms are red with rust
Still in a patient God we trust
So for a cause long forgotten until Kingdom comes around
We'll stand our ground

Intro./Verse C F G