With just the ghost of a smile, not so gently Jane leads us up the garden path.

Emma says I you caught my eye
You beckoned and I followed you through
Now how long do you expect to engage me here?
What do you expect me to do?
What kind of a man do you take me for
Tell me what are you trying to prove?
You would refuse my advances she answered if only you knew

Then Emma says I the stars are bright
But there isn't that much of a moon
The guests will be ready for dinner at eight
So we'd better be getting in soon
She said your haste isn't tasteful or decent
And it's tarnished your silvery spoon
You are amusing sometimes but I wonder if ever you're true
You can amuse me whenever you choose

Take me pray gentle Jane
To the cold heart of the matter and make it plain
Tell her story state her claim
Every book every page
Every word every speech you make her say
Let your ordered mind arrange
And pray gentle Jane
Make her play take her measure make her pay
I'll make her rue the day she came
And you will excuse me for using her name

In the coppice gales mourn as a coach is drawn
For Emma getting ready to go
With the sour faced squire from a midland shire
Who's offering his body and soul
She says his heart is a lion regardless
While mine is a pancake roll
Now they will have music together forever wherever they go
They will have music wherever they go

Intro. Am Em D C D G E C D G
Verse G C D G C G E D C D G E C D G
Chorus G C G D G E D (C D G)