Stand Into Danger
Caught in the grip of a storm in a teacup, the good ship Thekla founders with all hands, thanks to a galss-breaking incident during the soundcheck.

Keep the watch to windward boys
Our enemies are growing bolder
Stand to arms and use your sense of smell
By the way his speech was cracked and halting I could tell
Trouble was brewing and all was not well

When the Captain said stand fast my boys
And I wish you all the best
He was red eyed from the morning
And he was not fully dressed
Then they kicked us stem to stern
I'd expected nothing less

He who fights and runs away
Will live to be thrashed on another day
Empty threats are all the arms we bear
And the blood that we left on the deck to mark the slaughter
Was tainted with rum
It was thinner than water and lighter than air

Oxfam and Christian Aid
And the licensed victualler's trade
And when it all comes down to dust again
The ferryman must be paid
And the barbershop quintet's expenses cannot be defrayed

With your hands together softly so
Your little fists clenched tight in anger
Impotence becomes you very well
By the way you stood before the altar
I could tell You had nothing to offer nothing to say

As we're standing into danger now
I'm hanging on for life and laughter
Heart of oak in gallant company
But a heart of oak will burn when touched with fire
It crumbles to ashes to dust it expires and ceases to be

Intro. A E A E D E A
Chorus E A E A A D A E
Verse A E A E A E D E A