Some Of Shelley's Hang Ups

Technology meets Luddites on the slow train through the Berlin corridor. Lord how I miss the Cold War.

There's an awful lot of ideas coming thick and coming fast
Some are stupid some are dangerous some are never going to last
There are those which shock the senses and some defy belief
Then there's those that would be better If they'd never been conceived

This morning at five thirty spins electrodes to the brain
As the driver Edward Miller revs the engine of his train
47484 the locomotive gave a cough
Eddie grabbed the regulator and tried to pull it off

Waiting at the portals and we're standing in a line
Our faces fresh and eager to imbibe the heady wine
We climb upon the table and we lay our bodies bare
They pin down our extremities and shave off all our hair

Just as Revlon killed the rabbits in laboratory tests
Surely we shall die of sony walkman video cassettes
As we screw the outer casing on the latest new machine
To perfect the ingenuity of Doctor Guillotine

Inspector Siegfried Möller he's the Devil of a man
He can clench his fist and hide a full grown tomcat in his hand
His face is red in his swollen head his belly huge with beer
And he certifies your ticket with a cold carnivorous leer

With his one hand on the rudder and the other on the chain
Siegfried guides himself across the rolling northern German plain
His little piggy eyes light up when inspiration comes
And another new-age scheme is born of Siegfried's restless thumbs

Over every single country like a cancer spread the train
Over channel ports and borders bringing panic fear and pain
Into the iron curtain crashing through the flashing floodlight beams
And on through every east bound station where the signal light was green

And I know that it may sound silly
But I don't know for sure
Why that westerly wind has brought you so many things
You've never had before
So crawl back to your pine trees crawl along with me
The Devil took the gentlemen but he won't take me
The Devil took the gentlemen but he won't take me

Now I've been working hard all day
To wash some of Shelley's blues away
There's an infinite amount in a Swiss bank account
And the interest rate grows higher every day
Well the train leaves town when the sun goes down
And won't be coming back
The train is running on schedule
But the train is on the wrong track
They say the train is running on schedule
But the train is on the wrong track


Intro. E A B A D A B
Verse E A B A
Chorus D A B
Ending C#m A F# C#m D B A G# F# G# A B C#m D A E F# G# A