The Rookery

Good things happen at night. Orion, rising, brings the autumn rain. Artemis shot him - she'll be back later...

Come weep with me all you that read this little story
And know for whom a tear you shed mad March is sorry
A child it was that so did thrive in grace and feature
All heaven and nature seemed to strive which owned the creature
But knowing him all too well I beg to differ
I watched his virtues fade and his features wither

Seven September stars shine and the rooks are crying
Who could have done such a thing to poor Orion
Though what's gone before and past is best forgotten
Artemis, so the rooks sing, went and shot him
And though she says the deed was done by error
Does she miss him sorely now, not ever

Of the hunter's death then Apollo repented
And to his resurrection had consented
He sought to give new birth in baths to steep him
She doesn't want him back let heaven keep him
All through the October night there now pursues him
The scorpion and the rain he cannot lose them

Verse E A
Chorus D E D Bm A F# Ab