Probably Going To Rain
Contemplating the destruction of nuclear test locomotive 46009 in the aftermath of an ill-considered one night stand.

It's probably going to rain
Tomorrow's going to be the same
It'll probably always be that way
And probably never change
Mr Porter won't you take me to excess
Won't you take down my particulars
And take down my address

Did you tune into it last night
Did you see it once again
Did you wince and pray to the Lord did you know
It's probably going to rain today
It's probably going to rain

No screech of tortured couplings
No grinding squeal of brakes
Just the hiss of poisonous gases
Through the ventilator intakes
I've got Jesus on the mainline
A 45 on the spur
Stage managing disasters
Under test conditions

Deep throat South Atlantic
Sonar will not reach
Radar will not penetrate
I'm like a whale upon the beach
When thirty seconds later
The movie reached its end
You're probably feeling stupid now
You've probably lost a friend

Intro. A B E A
Verse B E F# B
Chorus A E
Ending A B E A A B E G A E