My Lady's Games

This is not a love song.

My Lady's fortress is the faithful hearts
That foundered on a rock of minted gold
In her game she takes the leading part
And with conviction carries the role

My Lady plays her games
To help substantiate her claims
To territory in the Middle East
And with expertise she moves the pieces closer
To conclude the game I look unto My Lord he hardly knows her
As the one he knew
Before her expectations grew
Now she salts the wounds and stokes the fires
And moves with the great and the strong and the fools and the liars

The game is old and tried and venerable
It's a game that prevails and a game that kills
It's a game of ministers and generals
A game My Lady plays with skill
A game of fortresses and towers
A game of pride and suffering
A game of intrigue blame and power
It's a game My Lady wants to win

My Lady lays her plans
With Gentlemen from other lands
Her mind is teeming with the Mongol horde
I mark the fortunes of My Lord and Master
At My Lady's side
Whom nought can do but watch the tide come faster
To My Lady's door
And swiftly swiftly on towards
The final solution the answer
In her war with the big bad bold Redneck Romancer

Take the path through the King's Ride
Then take a left and go on straight
Cross a field or two then climb the five bar iron gate
Now you're on My Lady's estate
Take a look in through the windows
Check the stables try the doors
But you will not get an answer
Because My Lady's gone abroad

The wind is fair and the day is fine
Swiftly swiftly runs the time
The boat is waiting on the tide
To take her to the other side of the ocean
My Lady knows
Even My Lord has some peculiar notion
As he takes her arm
And leads her out of reach of harm
It's fit to ring the church bells frantic
My Lady has flown across the Atlantic

Verse E F# (E C#m)
Chorus B C#m (B F#)