Knights On Malta

Gabriel the Angel, and a host of shining Templars descends to the rock to investigate the shooting of terrorist suspects.

Stand down General McArthur
I want to let you spit in my eye
I weigh eight stone ten with my armour on
I'm seventeen handstands high
And I'm incomplete

I was with him on the board of governors
With him on the Capitoline
With him on the Manchu border
Backtracking to the parallel line
In rank defeat

Stand strong rock of Gibraltar
Forget it in an English sun
Got a little matter for your hit man
To cut another notch on his gun
Got to cut away to the mainland
I'm going to lay low for a while
Got to send a letter to the news desk
I've got to get my copy on file
But I'm weak

I'm weak I don't question a word
It's hard to speak your mind
When you've nothing much better to say
Than 'If I'm meek will I inherit the Earth?'

When my brother and the Knights he fought for
Were bloodied in the Temple school
They were on the one hand hanged for martyrs
And on the other hand damned as fools

I was with him at the siege of Malta
Standing in his shadow appalled
When they took him through the hip with a scimitar blade
And the Saracens broke the wall
I was up the creek

I was up the creek things couldn't be worse
But it's hard to speak your mind
When you've never stopped running away
But if I'm meek will I inherit the Earth?

Intro. E C#m A B E Abm B C#m
Verse E C#m A B E A B
Chorus E A B E B