The Guns Of Castle Cary

Everyone fantasises about returning to their hometown and laying waste to it with fire and brimstone. Few of us ever get the chance. Come get some!

To the manner I was born of a white king's bishops' pawn
Although my father's coat of arms could scarcely bear me
To the cow byres and the barns all the fallowlands and the farms
Where we lived beneath the walls of Castle Cary

My father kept the gate on the local crown estate
Where all the watchmen born of Blackmore Vale precede him
As a conscientious man he worked hard to keep the land
For the God and for the laws that he believed in

With every barb and every single standing stone
Every mission to the Holy Land and every broken bone
To all the dead men on the bailey hill commanding
That on Cary Hill there's not a rock left standing

Then the world turned upside down and the King without a crown
Bade his people take such steps as necessary
My Brothers made their stand with a parliamentary band
But the King held out for the guns of Castle Cary

My Brothers came to grief in Castle Cary's keep
Where as traitors turned to justice went their story
They were taken in the wars and when they hung them from the walls
Then I swore I'd see the castle fall before me

The siege was five months gone and General Fairfax come
And his Sergeant told him Sir there's a local farmer
Says the castle walls are strong and a siege will take too long
But he thinks that he knows of a chink in the castle's armour

There's a hole by Paddock Drain where as brothers we used to play
And a tunnel that leads along to a narrow stairway
March them up to a hidden door in a disused armourer's store
In the walls beneath the keep of Castle Cary

Now there's a ditch and a shapeless mound on the hill behind the town
As the Parish records witnesses will bear me
Serve to mark the spot today where the castle's bones were lain
And I'm the man who burned down Castle Cary

Intro./Chorus D G C
Verse D G C A