This song has no title - originally it was referred to as 'the disco song', then it became 'Ffucke masticke.' Nowadays we only call it 'Strawberries' because it has to be named something.

Under the Greenwood tree
Sits one much more unlikely than me
Great are the lies that are told
Strange are the tales that unfold
Of beauty beyond belief
And nicotine stains on her teeth

Now she combed her hair but once a year
Watered her strawberries every day
Her eyes were red but her mind was clear
And nobody knew she was there

Slipping into my stride
I was carried away on the tide
To strange and adventurous shores
The creaking and groaning of oars
Lifts me out of my reverent daze
Out over the water I gaze
I'm crawling upon the beach
As the reverend starts to preach

So there take care
You'd better start saying your prayers
You'd better yes you'd better take care, beware
Comb the scarlet dye through your rat tailed
Hare today gone tomorrow I swear
You'd better start saying your prayers

I am innocent and naive I am dazed beyond belief
By this huge and hostile land
I can't see beyond the trees along the edge of the sand
I didn't know what to do I didn't have much of a clue
Although I was down on my luck I couldn't have given a sou

Better than the pictures
Better than M.T.V.
Better than a hole in the head
You're much more unlikely than me

Intro./Verse/Chorus B E F# B