Pandora's People

Let thy people go shopping Lord, lest in their anger they should pull down the walls of thy temple.

I hear your sirens calling
Howling like a priest
As I crept in through your barbed-wire crawling
To steal your Golden Fleece

Like Michaelangelo the scars upon your brow
Engraved stone angels by your side
Red letters burning in the newsprint wonder now
How far the sun will sink tonight

I raised my glass to drink to your victory
As I watched your winter palace fall
So many eager hands assisted me
To take your picture off the wall

Wash your hands now it's starting to rain
Pandora's people are rising again
When someone rattled their bars they broke open the door
When you won't have to carry your card anymore then you can go to the ball

Judas hanged to please the shepherd boy
When the scarlet sunrise made him frown
To pay his party dues he slipped in the silver seed
Then bade us smiling cut him down

I learned your language rewrote your history
I read my fortune in the files
Where I found the key to unlock the mystery
That made your secret servants smile

Carrion corporations
Catch me if you can
Crashing in on the Yankee reservation
Powerglass in my hand
I see you in three dimensions
Smiling like a sphinx
When you take me to the water
Kick me until I drink
Then something within me
Demands that I lay down my arms
To give up the gun and the ghost
And to give up my magical charms

Wash your hands wash your hands of it all
From Beechangar Abbey to Cardigan Hall
Wash your hands of the helpless the homeless the hungry and poor
Now you won't have to answer to chapter and law
Then you can go to the ball

Intro./Verses 1&5 Bm F#m
Verses 2-4 Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm A Bm F#m
Chorus A D E