Katherine's Will

'Teach me Lord to fulfil thy will, to live meekly and worthily before Thee, for Thou art all my wisdom and cunning. Thou art he that knowest me as I am.'

Unwilling lips your majesty
Unwilling kisses give though seeming keen to please
But I've no affection left to spare now for anyone but me

I early learned to entertain
To shut my mouth until he called it into play
To bite my tongue and keep my cool while the fool had his way

To think of England in my dreams
At reminiscences of other English queens
Beneath his passion saddled gored by the boor I lay serene
Stifling my screams

I know his route from day to day
I can mark his leaden tread from several rooms away
I know all the widows and their schemes and the rooms where they play

He's getting older getting slow
He's no straw and I've no camel's back to bear him so
Nor steady hand to mop his brow when his bowels lose control

I know his belly every fold
Each damp depression where the canker's taking hold
Each sweating crevice to my fingertips is a well travelled road
But I will lay down my load

And I will survive him I will last
I'll be alive to see him wormcast
To watch the carriage bear his cask and the pallbearers pass
I set the flags to halfmast
Bought the candles paid the priest to say the mass
Had marble columns raised
And fools paid to praise him
To parade
And read his epitaph

Intro.B F# Abm
Verse/Chorus B F# E B F# Abm