Royal George

An inexpert philanderer finds himself caught out by a sudden spasm of affection for the object of his lust.

Stag broke cover and the coursers brayed
We met out hunting on Boxing Day
Beneath the dripping trees a tryst arranged
And while we spoke our passion led the bloodhounds astray

She has two sisters is the eldest of three
Their names are wit and beauty and diplomacy
She's rich as Croesus with a legacy
Worth more in land and money than I will ever need

Jackdaws rise in clouds among the rooves
To the distant sound of horsemen in the stables and the mews
But it's the chamber music fading down the hall
That calls me back for more
But I'm not sure what I am looking for

Her brothers are Lieutenants in the Guard's brigade
With great dexterity they practice their trade
They're fighting Bonaparte and far away
So of their fraternal jealousy I'm not afraid

Her mother knows the Regent a courtier she
Tends his royal needs to an intimate degree
In quiet rooms in Mayfair meets him regularly
For cocktails bridge and coffee and for afternoon tea

Her father is a captain and an East-Indiaman
From the Solent to the Orient and Ankara commands
I'll risk his anger for his daughter's hand
And while he's round Cape Lonely I will post the banns

From their narrowed eyes the family portraits glare
Each receding generation marks my passage down the stair
As the muted hum of conversation flows
From the drawing-room below
But what their faces show
Won't make me stay or go

Now the black buck's stalking down the royal ride
How much more than merely mystery
The looking glass provides
I can't decide
Which card to play
I can pay my way
But if the stakes are raised
I have no hidden ace

Intro. B C#m E F#
Verse B C#m B F# E B F#
Chorus B E C#m Abm F# B E F# Abm E F#
Ending B E C#m Abm F# Abm F# C#m E F# Abm