Gabriel The Angel

We'll try anything once - even Country & Western. But only once, mind you.

My brother Gabriel the Angel stands among the cornfields looking round
At the blue hills in the distance beyond the river valley and the town
With a hunch about his shoulders that the footfall in the new-made furrow found
And the broken bow-shards on the hillside
Will show him where the killer went to ground
Then replacing his receiver and returning to his solemn duty bound
He told me anything you say may be taken down

Then Cain took the stand took The Bible in his hand and turned the page
He said I was hoeing out the turnip rows working just a couple of fields away
When I heard his shout behind me
I came running back to where my brother lay
Face down among the poppies an arrow shaft between his shoulder blades
That's how the watchmen came to find me there all in his life blood stained
But as God will be my witness I am not afraid

They called the Jackal and the Serpent Judas was a witness standing by
But Gabriel the Angel wasn't called to testify
Their defence was torn asunder
With all objections cast aside
Because with proof enough to hang him all the court was satisfied
But Gabriel the Angel cleared his locker out and bade the farce goodbye
He said the prosecution's case is all a pack of lies

When Adam delved and Eve yet span who was then to blame?
Who left the body in the cornfield lying broken by whose bloody fingers slain?
And was it Gabriel the Angel with his chainsaw and loaded rifle aimed
Saying Cain was Abel's only joy and Abel so was Cain's?

Intro. D G D C B A
Verse G C Am D G C D
Chorus G D C G D G C D G
Verse A D Bm E A D E
Chorus A E D A E A D E A E A