The Sunne In Splendour
Richard of York gave battle in vain
Woke up next morning to find himself framed
In a centrefold spread
With a price on his head

The Sun in splendour rose too soon
From her deep sea fever pitched at four o'clock in the afternoon
Until four in the morning as the moon climbed by
With the night mail crossed the border through

And in turning asked me why
Why won't you give a beggar a chance
But I told her no
Who plays the pipe must lead the dance
I'm sorry I bore you, sorry you were carried away

Then The Sun in splendour howled with rage
Stitched our leaders up with a photo-spread on the centre page
With four-score torpedoes primed and aimed
She turned her readers round

But isn't she a fool to be afraid
When Shelley had nothing to tell, they told him
How time stands still in Reading Gaol
I'm sorry they bought you
Sorry you were mine to sell

With The Sun in splendour lost and found
Born strong in the morning blocked by a passing thunder cloud
I called forth the darkness to run and hide
From her single candle cursing

But still the sun is always on my mind
Keep a weather eye on the glass
But I tell you
She won't answer when you ask
Nothing will make her nothing's going to change her mind
When if of herself she will not shine

Intro./Chorus D G D A G D A D A D
Verse E A