Letter From Reiffel
Dedicated to Mr Lamer, a grocer in Bonn, whose manners are better than some of his neighbours.

In Germany it's cold today
The weather forecast gives wind and rain
Bullet holes round the window frames
Of last year's battles tell

But the battle lines are drawn again
Between angry lines of marching men
Across the coffee bars and the drinking dens
The gangster rivals square

Militant children break their chains
And in vinegar toast their national saints
In slogans scrawled with poster paints
Their vain ambitions air

The pine green hills have lost their colour now
The glass and concrete towers are grey
Indifferent sings the changing wind
And the streets are getting colder day by day
If I could I'd pack and take a train
I'd pick up my cards and for home I'd make away

Down spiral paths I groping went
And from byways paved with strange intents
Thrice daily postcards homeward sent
My passage so to share

Another day's bread unbroken lay
Among the coffee cups on the breakfast tray
The traffic jams on the motorway
Are more than I can bear

But now the terror gangs stalk through the acid rain
And Lucky Strikes light from a molotov flame
I'll wash my clothes and change my name
And comb my matted hair

Intro. B C# E F# G#m
Verse B E B F# E B G#m F#
Chorus E B E F# E B F# B E B F#