Ghilbert De Haace
Realising that there is no chance of getting his leg over, the knight weighs up the odds and decides that discretion is the better part of valour.

As I rode out the bleak redoubt
Nor ever the weather did heed
By chance I descried an anguished cry
I went to intercede
There was the fairest of maidens
By a basilisk menaced she

Foul vilification imprecations
Down on its head she screamed
But her breasts were the colour of an angel's
With the poise of an Angevin queen
Her hair was shorn like a bushel of corn
Where the reaper has recently been

She said good knight how well you ride
Your baritone's pitched to please
But these are not matters of moment
If you'll kindly set me free
To the Dauphin of France I am affianced
And we will married be

Says I belle dame that's one and the same
But there's evidence plain to see
This beast is as big as the two of us
And more than a match for me
But I'll send your regards to the Dauphin
Should ever we happen to meet

Profit and favour Pope and saviour
Warrior priest or king
These are just some of the birthrights
That the stork forgot to bring
But he's left me my looks and my father's eyes
And I'm blessed with the family chin

Intro. A D E A
Verse A D E A D A F#m E D A F#m E A D E A