Cold War Comforts
A spiteful balm for a bruised ego - sing it when they leave you standing at the altar.

Black Watch wear my token on their sleeve
Princes send me roses poets send me wreaths
Rich men walk beside me in my dreams
But in the grey light of morning they'll be gone
Through softening shadows stealing with the dawn

Though I can feel the warming sun's display
I could sleepy eyes unopened pass the balance of my days
Drowsing in this blue tobacco haze
But there's a world through the window rolling past
I've tried to stop it turning quite so fast

With my cold hard reason undermined
In this cold coach station I've been wasting too much time
Because your cold war comfort suits me fine
To these tea stained tables I'll be bound
And it's no Camp David waiting round

Salt seeds by subtle serpents sown
Of your funeral pyre I'm innocent all the rest you'll never know
So take me as you find me then or go

It was cold outside at seven-thirty in the morning
I stumbled to the hallway when the telephone rang
I asked him what he wanted
He said to call right round send you over on the underground
He'll meet you at the station at the journeyman's friend
He told me you'll know him when you reach the other end
He said you met him by the ticket hall once
Said you'd try to meet again

So when grey clouds strolling down the breeze
Bring you a blacker silver lining than you thought could ever be
I'll have blue skies unbroken over me
And there's no bed of roses no flashing blade
There's no laughing party here today

Intro./Chorus B Abm E F# G Abm
Verse B E F# E