Cry Carrion
Eros, impaled through the liver, kicked feebly then expired with a rattle. Discussing the phenomenon later in the morgue, we are moved to speculation.
"Who," I pondered, pressing coins onto his tiny eyes, "will discharge his duties now?"
"Only Artemis has a bow," Androgyno replied. "She must fire the shots."
"Then no-one will know which way to turn."

Artemis her arrows spent inclined to take her ease
So to fetch the missiles sent Androgyno and me
Thus we worked the morning long beneath the cherry trees
To gather all the arrows up ingratiatingly

She cried Carry on

It struck me in the morning as the wind began to turn
And the trawler men prepared to set the nets adrift astern
That though the sniper's marksmanship is harder to endure
The wounds are rarely fatal and it's swift to find a cure
That lover's sighs extemporise in song and so withstand
But Artemis' venom needs a laying on of hands

Cry Carry on
Embrace the bullet bite the bomb while she puts her armour on
Cry carry on
Take the bait wait your turn to hold the candle 'til you burn

Artemis her arrows spent inclined to take her ease
Her rooks about her shoulders and her bow across her knees
We perforce as promise have carried out the task
And all the arrows laid before her as she idles in the grass
That she may arm herself anew steady-eyed to aim
The shaft against the supple yew and shoot us once again

Intro. G A# C A#
Verse/Chorus C A# G