A sudden clatter of mail vans without wakes me from dreams of riot and plunder to the cold waiting room and the morning train to Leeds.

Karpov crosses the border
Into the centre he rides
Notching his sword on the pawn goes galloping by
Makes a mistake in manoeuvre
Over the castles collides
Opens a path for the King's red menacing ride

Cab light flashes the warning
Answered the signal replies
Reel in the steel in the storm's long colourless miles
Into the station this morning
Stark by the Citadel's scar
Lamplight colour conceals each vanishing star

When first I came to the border town
No manners had I learned no art to guide me
No Sankt-Marie to take me in and hide me
Wide-eyed alone there
I lay my pistols down my heart beside me
My painted ring to pay for and provide me

When I withheld from the rich what I stole from the poor
I soon the inside of the Citadel saw
Long nights impenitent sleepless and sore
Brought me back to the hardwood bench and the flagstone floor

But I fell in with a good man
Strong hands to take and hold me when I falter
Strong hands to lay the breast works and the mortar
To build me a home there
His manor for my mansion house and altar
A son to be and a brother to his daughter

But deep in my dark and insensitive soul
I planned my revenge while I pledged my parole
Smarting but smiling accepting his dole
I fell on my knees and promised him gladly I'd go

I rose early
Stealing through the silvers and the sables
I crept across the courtyard to the stables
I'm gone to the moss now
Packed my saddle bag as hard as I was able
I turned in to the wind and slipped my cable

Now Caius has sworn on his grandfather's gun
By Judas Iscariot justice be done
Says I slept with his daughter his dog and his son
Now he's roaring behind me to follow and find me
Bedevil and blind me and nail up my hide when he's done

So he followed my tracks with his hares and his hounds
But I turned back and was southerly bound
With the wind on my face and the rain coming down
And a quartz moon rising over the walls of the town

I'll lay my innocence down on every card I'll cast my hand in
Though my errors bring misfortune notwithstanding
That when I burn with Rome there
My banners cast my faith misunderstanding
Enamoured fall her fortress walls abandoned

Sandman smashes the lantern
Arc-lamp scatters the glare
To mix with the stained-glass window and colour her hair
Narcissus is sitting in silence
Untouched by her tears as she stands
Hanging her head in her sorrow and ringing her hands

Intro. G C D G D
Verse G C D G D
Chorus G C G C G D C G D
Bridge G B C D