Land Sea & Sky
First defeat, then victory proclaimed
And finally the famous Fifties named

The boat touched the land
The spangled stone strand that rimmed the bay
From the deep mid-Atlantic
Salt flecked the foam and the spray
There were red-coated soldiers there
Waiting to take me away
And sea pinks and boulders on hand to attend our parade
Land sea and sky all my horizons defined
Land sea and sky
Here on my island are all my uprisings confined
Makeshift meals come and go
With the ebb and the flow of the tide
Brought by garrulous guardsmen to garrison duty assigned
Last year’s campaigners haggard and hung out to dry
On the ragged stone ramparts
That are pock-marked and speckled with flies
Land sea and sky all my horizons defined
To land sea and sky before my arrival resigned
Land sea and sky
Before my arrival more able and wiser was I

The first sea lord has closed the channel ports
Behind the barriers our battered groups withdrew
Now towards points north the telegraph reports
Our slate grey ships are on the move
Land sea and sky along the horizon they slide
Land sea and sky along the horizon
Storm clouds are rising tonight

The home fleet weighed and Nelson Hood and Drake
On station set to seaward once again
Now all around the coast the armour-plated ghosts
Of ironclads are rattling their chains
Over land sea and sky from all four horizons arrive
Land sea and sky from all our horizons
For our survival provide

The dreadnoughts lay in rows
Across the breadth of Scapa Flow
From Rammersey to Hoy and Barrow sound
All my old friends were there Superb and Temeraire
Ramilles Ark Royal and Renown
Now the land sea and sky to all four horizons are mine
Land sea and sky to all four horizons
Turn into diamonds and shine

Intro. F#m E
Reintro. A F#m D E
Verse A D E A
Chorus F#m E