House of War
With the Cold War won what have we done?
Turn back the clocks and close Pandora’s Box

Morning breaks the sunlight's gilded glare
Knife in hand and cold unyielding stare
Creeps up from behind the unaware
Sets the weak in motion and the sleeping sentry scares
But I've been up for hours and I'm prepared
To fall into squares

I saw Esau trying on the crown
I saw the lion and the lamb lie down
Together in the heather where the bracken is brown
In clean rows the bright rain flows
About the green svelte hills on the spires and the towers
The cracks in the crumbling wall
And the guard at the gatehouse door
At home in the House of War

Night time leads her agents down the range
Gnat bites try my patience and spiders escalade
Rats and mice direct their black brigade
And the seeping narrow trenches are secret shallow graves
Where shadows dance and spectres masquerade
And call out for aid

Ulstermen are marching out of bounds
Holy wars and trumpets shake the ground
Heat-seeking missiles shoot me down
Patient men in ski-masks wait in quiet foreign towns
But my full metal jacket keeps me sound
As I fall to the ground

Intro. G#m C#m E F#
Verse B C#m E F# B F# G#m C#m E F#
Chorus B C#m E F# B E B C#m E F# B C#m E F# B G#m C#m E F#m G#m