Heart of Me

Done down by Dean Donne
His dagger dug deep to the depths of my demesnes
And I died undone

See the light arise behind the chosen one
That misbegotten once I knew as brother friend and son
Whom destiny despises now his course is run
But when we were young I gave him his tongue
Like feathers thrown together on the breath of God
Nor spoiled him with kisses nor spared the rod
But patient with pentameters his poet’s feet shod
To tread the sod where his master trod
From lantern light to sun-up after curfew’s call
From St. Katherine’s Wheel in Southwark
To the churchyard at St Paul’s
To Thespia and Necropolis we made our landfall
We kept no score we shared them all

Come sweet breath flow strong
Flow deep flow free from the heart of me
Long life lief live long
Let me live long in life and laughter
In life and love and laughter linger on
Flow deep flow free from the heart of me
‘til my work is done
Flow deep flow free from the heart of me

But time begets infinity and the world must change
Where once we danced together now blows exchanged
As factions fell around us at the court of King James
We fought for gain we felt no shame
So each to his ambition we sacrifices gave
I through verse and gravity my fortune made
While he became a courtier his muse betrayed
She wept with rage she swore he’d pay
Then through Jacobean palaces her fury tore
Consigned him to the clergy a poet no more
And as I became her confidant she became my law
We swept we soared she wept no more

Swallows fly from everything you do
Angels keep their distance
Summer suns are glowing over everyone but you
Once you and I had fish to fry
But now there’s only bitter leaves to chew

She and I together then forever went away
In riches and in poverty in bed we lay
And never reminisce about the bygone days
About when we were young
Now menopausal virgins flock around him everyday
They cluster at his pulpit where to his keen dismay
The rotten hocks of their devotions at his feet they lay
They kneel they pray, they will have their way

Come sweet breath flow strong

Intro. C#m B C#m E F#
Verse B E C#m E F# B E F# B E F#
Bridge C#m B C#m E F#
Chorus B E C#m E F# C#m F# E F# B E C#m E F# B E C#m E F#