Follow the Band

‘He that fears Death or mourns it in the just
Shows of the resurrection little trust’

Winter her fingers slender and pale
Pinching and squeezing attends to her freezing affairs
Hinting and teasing through long early evenings unveils
In the frost on the windows etched by her nails
Triptychs and pictures in intricate detail and scale
That all her affections declare

Under the roses after the thaw
The grass has grown thicker and greener than ever before
Time blew the dust from the garden in under the door
And superimposes in the cracks on the wall
A face I can barely remember the last time I saw
And a voice that I clearly recall

Follow the band follow the band all the way
Give me a trumpet and show me the measures to play
Follow the band follow the band all the way
Over the rooftops and houses and over the stray

By green fields grown over at the foot of the town
Wry quarryman’s eyes appraising the lie of the ground
As playfully braided the raindrops come spiralling round
Bracken and clover silently bowed
With love and esteem and affection laying him down

Down the avenue forming the funeral cars
In procession are waiting the mourners preparing to march
Lined at the roadside concealing their tattoos and scars
Will feel better come morning better by far
For Johnny come lately the music is ready to start
Cast off your halo we’ll find you a space at the bar
From the shop on the corner the way to the stars
Is winding uphill but the gradient isn’t so hard
And you’re welcome wherever you are

Now Winter rekindled is paradise gained
She was up and rose early and softly she went on her way
Says she’ll be back with the evening to see me again
The smell of her lingered and all through the day
With the sky through the window overcast leaden and grey
Touched by her presence I lay

Verse A E D E A E A E C#m E G#m
Chorus A E D E A E A E D E C#m E G#m