Probably Won't Be Easy
A tale of long ago
From London Fields and Navarino Road

Phillip Duke of Anjou
I'm happy to kneel beside you
To witness the burden you bear
Silently bowing in prayer
My painted plasterwork peer
Has been down on his knees for six hundred years
The courts are reviewing his case
And they want me to stand in his place

And it probably won't be easy
What if they see right through me
What then can the ticket inspector do
I'm willing to come to terms with you
But it probably won't be easy
What if they don't believe me

The defenders of Burghfield mill
Fell to Ireton’s disciplined drill
I was a bystander there
I averted my gaze and muttered a prayer
Ireton said to me
You are temperate pious and clean
So if your conscience stands in accord
We will be happy to have you aboard

Now where's the man with the smile
In a two bedroomed flat in Carlisle
Or does he move in circles we know
From Hammersmith Broadway to Greenwood Road
Is Dickon his familiar still
Does his ghost stalk Burghfield mill
Does he court Jehovah with lies
When he turns up the eggs of his eyes

Now he gets up with the sun
To shovel his sixteen tons
And the frost is as stolid as nails
To splinter the sleepers and shatter the rails
Remember whatever the cost
You’ve got to burn all the bridges you crossed
Because the Devils you’ve yet to behold
Are better by far than the Devils you know

Intro. Bb D G
Verse A D
Chorus G A D B
Final verse D G