Devil & Sister Helena
Better idiots, fools, thieves and liars
Than be seen with that pariah!

Sister Helena has cast off her veil
Hung up her habit abandoned her cell
She’s run away from the priory bells
Her vows and virtues forsaking
She’s rented a house on the Yarlington road
There in the ever-green garden to grow
Lichens and ivy and stools for the toads
And mosses for poultices making

So don’t tell me lies
If your alibi isn’t watertight
Tell me where were you on Saturday night
That’s when I saw you under the yellow street light
With the Devil and Sister Helena

Of Sister Helena the ladies believe
That her left foot is cloven she walks in her sleep
That naked by moonlight she dances with beasts
But no one can claim to have seen her
But there’s rumour there’s hearsay and travellers tales
That she’s taken in tomcats and cowry shells
For mustering magic and murmuring spells
To answer the Devil’s subpoena

Behind Flemish lace curtains they’re venting their spleen
They’ll be wagging their tongues as they’re pouring the tea
So it’s best if you’re not in her company seen
It just breeds conjecture and scandal
And you won’t be forgiven you won’t be excused
For they haven’t much patience they haven’t much use
For a bird in the bush because what’s sauce for the goose
Is a kick in the balls for the gander

Intro. A
Verse A D A E A D E A
Chorus E A A# B E D E A D A E A D E