The Ass in the Oak Tree

We did not know which way he’d go
But I felt we should search Boscobel Wood

Charles King of England ill fortune favoured thee
Who wore the crown and bore the sceptre undeservedly
Who left a son behind him that escaped across the sea
To return and raise the Scots against the parliamentaries
Lured south by guile and strategy
With Worcester standing by
Outmatched and outmanoeuvred
The prince was forced to fly
With many a mile to travel over many a mile to fly
Through many a hostile dawn
Concealed from many a watchful eye

Send the hounds around the hills
Make the people ring the bells
Search the houses and the fields
Reward the person first prepared to tell the tale
Where to seek and where to find the royal heir
Where to seek and where to find the Prince of Wales

With Matty Col and Tabitha I tracked the villain down
That all in a hollow oak tree in a forest glade was found
While his faithful old retainer
Stripped the branches all around
And searched for grubs and beetles
In the leaf mould on the ground
I advanced into the clearing I addressed the royal tree
I deplore the use of force I said to intemperate degrees
But there’s a cell in Worcester Castle
Measures seven foot by three
My orders are to place you there and throw away the key

To Matty Col and Tabitha I said now we’ll have some fun
And we beat and bit and kicked him
‘Til his royal senses spun
And his trousers stuffed with nettles ‘til his royal jelly stung
His face was caked and bleeding
His clothes in tatters hung
As he wept and begged for mercy sore amazed was I to see
The son of a king knelt grovelling before the likes of me
He offered his servant up for favours
Money his ransom for to pay
If we’d betray the axe of parliament
And send him on his way

Intro. E A F#m E
Verse A D E
Chorus A D E A D A F#m E D E A