The Man Who Came In Third

Second actually. What exactly has Mr Heath to do with the labour party?

Glazed yellow in the steamheats early mourning
Flashing silver from the rails
Our people are waiting at the barrier
To hear the whistles and the bells
When the sleeping car attendant checked my ticket
He introduced me to the guard
I've seen your picture in the Telegraph
But I've never read the Morning Star

Then the man who came in third
Said I am speaking and you will listen
Mark my words
I saw the coloured rose he wore
Was the arms of the man who was going to change the world

Rolling under to the wheelbeats counting numbers
And later on the midnight mail
They dimmed the lamplight in the corridors
And the scarlet lantern at the tail
I went to meet him at the station in the morning
Took a cab to the conference hotel
And waiting later for the delegates
I shook his hand and wished him well

Clenched fist salutes in anger on the barricades
Through all the speeches and the pleas
Are empty words in marble palaces
And empty vessels on the quay
I sank your ferry in the Mersey broke your palisade
And cast your scarlet statues down
Then all the bleeding hearts of Liverpool
I wore as rubies in my crown

Intro./Verse D A E D A F#m E
Chorus A C#m D E