The Junction Signal

How many eyes has a monkey? A monkey has five eyes.

I was born unabridged and unappealing
But I was not born to raise the sons of earth
No bright star shone beyond the plaster ceiling
To honour the occasion of my birth
From graphite core I wrought an education
Eleven years I served before the mast
In humility I cowed my indignation
Schooled in honours forms I let the moment pass

And I learned to quote from writing on the wall
From books which don't have any pictures
In which the print is far too small
They taught me how to set my lower jaw
And they taught me nothing more

Some people put on armour to protect them
Some people are not frightened by the rain
Though some people try their hardest to correct them
Some still seek their chilhood days again

And now the Junction Signal stands beside the line
It's a far far better master than many others I have tried
It simply tells me when to stop and when to go
And that's all that I need to be told

From your day's work done in the downside marshalling yard
To where the temple bells are calling from it's not so very far
Who locked the door who holds the key who speaks the charms
Who gives His orders through the Junction Signal's arms

Intro. F# B
Verse E F# G#m E F# E (G#m A B)
Middle 8 C# B(E) A B A B E
Chorus A E (F#)