The Mermaid

Mother croons over the cradle, and another ship goes down. But not mine. Oh no. Not mine.

It was Friday night when we set sail
And our ship not far from land
I there did spy a fair pretty maid
With a comb and a glass in her hand

And the raging seas did roll
And the stormy winds did blow
There were we jolly sailor boys sitting up aloft
And the landlubbers lying down below

Then up spoke the little cabin boy
And a fair haired boy was he
I've a father and mother in fair Portsmouth town
And tonight they a-weeping will be

And up spoke the cook from our gallant ship
And a very good cook was he
I've a wife who loves me in fair London town
And tonight she a widow will be

And three times round went our gallant ship
Three times round went she
Three times round went our gallant ship
And then she sank to the bottom of the sea

Verse/Chorus B E A