Salmon & Gluckstein

Based on episodes related in Terrence O'Brien's Chasing After Danger

A cold moon was rising the sea was flecked with foam
When I thought I heard a whisper on the radio-telephone
Saying ‘Heaven is no distance – its harbour lights are home
But if we fly together we will never die alone’

I had a brother in the army, another went to sea
And both of them went better men to better ends than me
One went down off Greenland and one at Foux-Jolies
But when I go west tonight then it’s united we will be

And it’s hours ‘til dawn and the morning’s calm but the boys are off through the bay
Back to the Bight ‘til broad and bright comes the brief respite of day
And though sticks and stones will break your bones and fire will blow you away
To all the call came clearly and all the cracks had gathered to the fray

Ground mist arriving was mingling with the steam
And the curses of the ground crew and torpedo-arming teams
Some of them are strangers but stranger men than me
Have left their lives in foreign lands and run away to sea

To see the sunrise in the morning turning soon to rain
And I’ve been searching through the blackout for the Southern Cross in vain
I’ve been Chasing after danger, racing without aim
Until time and tide and terror come to take me home again

Intro. G C D G A Bm G D Am Bm Em
Verse Em D G Em G Bm Em D G Em G D Em
Chorus G C D G A Bm G D Am Bm Em