After the Horse Has Bolted

Hot through Troy's ruins menelaus strode to sate on that adulterous whore a ten year hate and a prince's honour. Was it really worth it in the end?

The city lay flattened and churned
The heroes weary homeward turned
Hunger sated victory earned
Priam’s palace sacked and burned
And that’s where they washed the spears
That’s where they fought for ten long years
But the cat has run away with the cream
Left their king with a half spent queen
So all is not as well as it seems
As they enact the great reunion scene
But that’s how it has to be
That’s what the men expect to see
Not Helen stony-faced
Forced to confront her dark disgrace
Limp in her husband’s bleak embrace
Saying revenge is sweet enjoy the taste
If that’s what you want Is that why you came
You made your bed now you’d better make it over again

Said Menelaus then addressing the sea
Did all the cream of our mythology
Cross the world to restore to me
The biggest whore in the Pelopenese
And is that why we lit the fuse
Is that what we fought so hard to do
I was visited she replied
Stung by a devil that itched inside
That split me open and forced me wide
And he was far far richer than you
He was hung like a centaur handsome too
And I’d never wanted anything more
I never had it better than this before
I never asked for war
I really didn’t think it would matter at all
Because that’s what people do
And that’s why I half assumed
That you’d do it to me so I might as well do it to you

It’s celebrated now in popular verse
That Helen went from bad to worse
Actors athletes and soldiers cursed
The gorgon’s head beneath her skirts
At least that’s what people said
It’s got teeth it’s got fangs and serpent’s heads
And classical history relates How she lived on down from age to age
Star of record screen and stage
For the public’s pleasure and the public’s rage
Because that’s what people want
That’s what people need
As only a fool would refuse to accept or believe
Only a fool like me

Intro. A F#m Bm E A G# F#m Bm E A E
Verse A F#m
Chorus Bm E A G# F#m