Fang Over Lip

Where once before you walked on all fours I will teach you to walk on two
Pull of your tail and your pointed ears and we've made a man of you

Here do I stand on top of the bridge
Looking over the Cider Sea
There's a Network Seven and a Sprinter train Where ‘Implacable’ used to be
We've been sold down the river of profit and loss
Our boss is a self-made man
But he's been aiming to pay off his poll tax
By betting on also-rans
He sells into China for gunpowder tea
And buys Anarchist PLC

So I've rented a house on the East side of hell
With a garden and wonderful view
Where I'm all grown up and I'm all washed out
And I’m forgetting my misspent youth
Here the cats keep coming on covered in sighs
So long as they can't catch me
Then I'm all wired up and I'm all tuned in
And I'll evermore bouncing be
So don't say you don't know me at all
If you ever come round to call

Now this is my table and this is my chair
And this is my Ford Capri
There's a sunstrip sticker and a leopard skin wheel
Where my para-boots used to be
Where once before I was certain and sure
That I was bound for a heavenly see
Now I'm learning to do as I'm done by
It's the fireside down for me
And I give you my guarantee
Some day you will ride with me

Intro. B G#m E F# B E F# B
Verse B E B F# C#m F#
Chorus B G#m E F# B F# B E F# B