Born in a Different England
A cosy view of 1970's culture as espoused by the boots and knives of Joe Hawkins and Chopper Harris

Summer came and winter went blew away our discontent
The age of peace and plenty had begun
The organ grinder pulled the stops everyone we knew was on Top of the Pops
And everyone’s favourite song was at number one

And when things went wrong we simply carried on
And everyone was happy

The shops were full the weather kind colliers worked in prosperous mines
The TV showed the good life every day
No one swore and no one fought the troops returned to Pippin Fort
With peace in Ulster just a breath away

But we’ve been reborn into a world we don’t belong
A world that never happened

Where the trains ran on time where the water turned to wine
There was justice there no poverty and no violent crime
The children never cried but toed the party line
We walked with Alice in a world wide Wonderland where everything was fine
The streets were safe at night there was pure peace of mind
It was all a long hot happy summer holiday with all of mankind
Or so I’m told I think I was born in a different England

Sit-com queens from the tube beamed came to life
I’m still trying to forget the memory
And who were those men on the News at Ten last night
Was it the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four or the Jackson Five.

Men were walking on the moon everyone was born with a silver spoon
We carried home the ashes every year
Football fans in rival gangs dropped their Stanley knives and danced
And drank each other’s health with tepid beer

And though Chopper Harris died his legend still survives
But it’s bleeding bruised and battered

The year they won the Nobel Prize the National Front apologised
At Notting Hill they vowed to make amends
We had ITV and British Rail we all still loved the Prince of Wales
We hoped we’d see him married in the end

But things don’t change history still remains
Or does it really matter

Intro. B F# E F# B E F#
Verse B E B F# B E F#
Chorus E B B G#m F#